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Monday, July 23, 2012

colorbar precision waterproof liquid eyeliner - review and swatches

eyeliners are such must haves . be it in the form of kajals , pencils , liquid or whatever , we Indian girls are obsessed with defining our eyes. admit it gals!
lakme, maybelline we give our love to all those liners but somehow this little gem from colorbar hasn't been making waves much . i have had this for about 6 months now and i m totally loving it !
read on to find out more about it ........
price :- 250 inr but i had got it before the price hike and from an online site so i had gotten it for about 180 inr
net quantity :- 2.5 ml
so the cost to wt ratio comes at about 100 which is okay .

what the company says,
The Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner is long-lasting and does not smudge, crack, flake or peel. With its high definition flexible felt tip applicator, one stroke is enough to define a fine or thick line. Fast drying, Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner is suitable for sensitive eyes and those who wear contact lenses too!

my experience:-
i got this about six months ago when i was bored with using my current liners . so let me admit this was an random unintended purchase but i don't regret it at all . i am more of a liquid or gel eyeliner gal than a pencil eyeliner gal .i do not enjoy pencil eyeliners for the following reasons.
  • they do not go on as smoothly
  • they are not as intense
  • they smudge
  • and the worst part, they tug at times which is a strict no-no if you have sensitive eyes

i love my eyeliners mostly matte finish . but this shiny one won me over. a funny thing about this is that it appears totally matte in the swatches . however, it turns a bit shiny when applied to the eye.maybe its just my lids . i really  but the shine isn't leather finish like lakme eye artist . just enough shine to make your eyes look healthy and pop.

the applicator has a felt tip wand just like my vov liquid eyeliner .a long handle that is easy to hold annnnd an incredibly stiff felt tip brush. by stiff i mean really stiff. so stiff that i hurts at times if you hold to too firm . but an advantage to it is that it is easy peasy for beginners to use. since the wand isn't floppy, the liner doesn't end up all over your lids .

notice the shine-thinner line
as you can see in the images its not as i intense as i would like it to be. i have to go over the line many times to get the desired intensity. this however at times , ruins the lines. the drying time is decent, about 30 seconds or so. just an observation is that if you make a thicker line , it dries very slowly.if you have hooded or mono lid eyes this is a real problem . it tends to smear on the top lid and spoils the eye makeup.i learnt it the hard way when i applied it to my mum and she has hooded,wrinkled eyes. all the beautiful makeup that i had so painstakingly done got spoilt. :(

the shine is more obvious in flash- thicker wing

i took images in various angles to show intensity and the finish- thicker wing

it turns kinda matte on eyeshadows. however , if you are using it on a pigment it kinda picks up colour from the pigment  and turns that coloured. i mean i was wearing a copper pigment at a family function and many people asked me where did i get my bronze eyeliner . i was like "uhhhhh! bronze! i m toh wearing black ! "

on bare skin and over shadows

with flash

water sprinkled
staying power is pretty decent . i usually apply it in the morning before i leave for the college . it is there till afternoon and by evening, its barely hanging. a part of the original line is there and the rest has morphed into soft, smoky definition.if you are not a smudge-and-rub baby like me , it will surely last.

rubbed lightly
a claim that the company makes is totally false. this liner is not water proof. its just mildly water resistant. this may not be a good thing if you live in rainy or humid climate. i am kinda fine with it.its does not flake off, peel or hurt your eyes like maybelline ultra liner. it removes off easily with some soap and water.

do i like it:- yes
will i repurchase it :- no. i m still on the lookout for my HG liner.
will i recommend it :- yes surely. to someone who doesn't wear liners for a long span of time and particularly to newbies.
rating:- 3/5 . -1 for not being waterproof and -1 for not mentioning ingredient list neither on the packaging or on the site!

have you found your hg liner? what is it ? let me know in the comment below !

love , 

p.s:- i guess i won the oasap giveway . i might be getting dress H50 . has anyone else won it? i m so confused.

  disclaimer :-
all the products mentioned above are purchased by me . i have never received money in return of a glowing review . my loyalty lies to my readers . this is a p.r friendly blog .
i can be contacted on for any queries and information .


  1. i hav used loreal eyeliner which comes in d same packaging lyk dis one ... it is fab .. you shld try tht

    1. even revlon makes something like this ! i guess its metallic and shimmery though. both the loreal one and the revlon are mighty expensive . worth a try i guess! :)

  2. hey i too hv colorbar one...nice blog gal

    1. do you like it?
      thanks for stopping by

  3. Hey, I love liquid liners too! yes, this one looks a bit pricey. But I feel it;s the same problem withh all kind of liquid liners. On shadows etc, they pick up some of the color and turns a bit less intense.
    FYI if I may, recently I got the faces longwear eye pencil. It has an amazing texture and I really couldn;t believe it myself. it went over wet and set into intense smudgeproof texture! But I stil would desist from using it on top of eyeshadows or pigments

    1. i too bought the faces long wear pencil in navy!
      you can check out my shopping with stylecraze post. loving it so far!

  4. Lovely! I love all Color Bar products!

    Great detailed view



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