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Monday, July 23, 2012

colorbar precision waterproof liquid eyeliner - review and swatches

eyeliners are such must haves . be it in the form of kajals , pencils , liquid or whatever , we Indian girls are obsessed with defining our eyes. admit it gals!
lakme, maybelline we give our love to all those liners but somehow this little gem from colorbar hasn't been making waves much . i have had this for about 6 months now and i m totally loving it !
read on to find out more about it ........
price :- 250 inr but i had got it before the price hike and from an online site so i had gotten it for about 180 inr
net quantity :- 2.5 ml
so the cost to wt ratio comes at about 100 which is okay .

what the company says,
The Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner is long-lasting and does not smudge, crack, flake or peel. With its high definition flexible felt tip applicator, one stroke is enough to define a fine or thick line. Fast drying, Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner is suitable for sensitive eyes and those who wear contact lenses too!

my experience:-
i got this about six months ago when i was bored with using my current liners . so let me admit this was an random unintended purchase but i don't regret it at all . i am more of a liquid or gel eyeliner gal than a pencil eyeliner gal .i do not enjoy pencil eyeliners for the following reasons.
  • they do not go on as smoothly
  • they are not as intense
  • they smudge
  • and the worst part, they tug at times which is a strict no-no if you have sensitive eyes

i love my eyeliners mostly matte finish . but this shiny one won me over. a funny thing about this is that it appears totally matte in the swatches . however, it turns a bit shiny when applied to the eye.maybe its just my lids . i really  but the shine isn't leather finish like lakme eye artist . just enough shine to make your eyes look healthy and pop.

the applicator has a felt tip wand just like my vov liquid eyeliner .a long handle that is easy to hold annnnd an incredibly stiff felt tip brush. by stiff i mean really stiff. so stiff that i hurts at times if you hold to too firm . but an advantage to it is that it is easy peasy for beginners to use. since the wand isn't floppy, the liner doesn't end up all over your lids .

notice the shine-thinner line
as you can see in the images its not as i intense as i would like it to be. i have to go over the line many times to get the desired intensity. this however at times , ruins the lines. the drying time is decent, about 30 seconds or so. just an observation is that if you make a thicker line , it dries very slowly.if you have hooded or mono lid eyes this is a real problem . it tends to smear on the top lid and spoils the eye makeup.i learnt it the hard way when i applied it to my mum and she has hooded,wrinkled eyes. all the beautiful makeup that i had so painstakingly done got spoilt. :(

the shine is more obvious in flash- thicker wing

i took images in various angles to show intensity and the finish- thicker wing

it turns kinda matte on eyeshadows. however , if you are using it on a pigment it kinda picks up colour from the pigment  and turns that coloured. i mean i was wearing a copper pigment at a family function and many people asked me where did i get my bronze eyeliner . i was like "uhhhhh! bronze! i m toh wearing black ! "

on bare skin and over shadows

with flash

water sprinkled
staying power is pretty decent . i usually apply it in the morning before i leave for the college . it is there till afternoon and by evening, its barely hanging. a part of the original line is there and the rest has morphed into soft, smoky definition.if you are not a smudge-and-rub baby like me , it will surely last.

rubbed lightly
a claim that the company makes is totally false. this liner is not water proof. its just mildly water resistant. this may not be a good thing if you live in rainy or humid climate. i am kinda fine with it.its does not flake off, peel or hurt your eyes like maybelline ultra liner. it removes off easily with some soap and water.

do i like it:- yes
will i repurchase it :- no. i m still on the lookout for my HG liner.
will i recommend it :- yes surely. to someone who doesn't wear liners for a long span of time and particularly to newbies.
rating:- 3/5 . -1 for not being waterproof and -1 for not mentioning ingredient list neither on the packaging or on the site!

have you found your hg liner? what is it ? let me know in the comment below !

love , 

p.s:- i guess i won the oasap giveway . i might be getting dress H50 . has anyone else won it? i m so confused.

  disclaimer :-
all the products mentioned above are purchased by me . i have never received money in return of a glowing review . my loyalty lies to my readers . this is a p.r friendly blog .
i can be contacted on for any queries and information .

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

my first ever stylecraze haul!!!!!!!!!!!

hallo all you shopoholics ,
this post is dedicated to you all.
can you imagine this is my first time shopping with stylecraze?
i mean i really jumped the stylecraze bandwagon really , really late. there were other sites that i had shopped from previously but, nothing can beat the stylecraze experience .

there were a few glitches along the way but nothing that a great customer service cant smooth over.
the packaging was great and except the rude courier guys who made me collect the package from their office , i have no qualms whatsoever.

so the stuff i got :-

since i am on a PURGE , i decided to buy stuff that i essentially needed rather than whatever catches my fancy.

so i stuck to 
  • neutrogena light night cream - i ran out of my loreal dermo expertise pearl perfect night cream and couldn't afford to spend so much bucks on it again . btw , love pearl perfect and recommend it totally.
  • faces long wear pencil in shade navy blue - i had been looking for a navy blue liner for the longest time ever.and this one came lauded with so much adulation . 
  • vlcc spf 40 sunscreen - this came as a sachet sample.
i loved stylecraze . hoping to shop back soon

love ,

disclaimer :-
i did not receive any voucher etc to shop. all the above products have been bought by my own hard earned money .

Sunday, July 15, 2012

dark cave wonders - emerald and bronze e.o.t.d

hola mi chikitas,
back with a bang with a broken left hand. got my hand crushed in the collapsible gate of my lift.
a bad situation if you ask me . and i really will make it up for it.
so if you have seen the pics below you may notice that the eyes look different than they do here.
so they are my darling sweet sis's. she is a trained bharat natyam dancer and often does shows and the lot. so who's the makeup artist  "ME".
the pictures look wonky and with pathetic lighting because my dorkus refused to stay still and kept complaining that the flash was blinding her. also due to hurry some of the steps in between are missing. taking pics in a poorly lit green room is so pathetic. i do not intend the below post to be an instructional e.o.t.d but more of as an idea post.

she was wearing a beautiful black outfit with a green pallu and bronzy accents to it . so i decided to make it as the main colours . somehow the whole theme reminded me of an underground cave with jewels in it.

since my sis was going to be on stage for a long time . the makeup needed to stay put. i applied some concealer and set it with loose powder.

next i used l'oreal infallible eyeshadow in endless chocolat to intensify the colours as well as add to the longevity

i patted on a medium brown from midnight lustre trio by avon featured here all over the lid to help in blending the eyeshadows i added next.

i next added the black from the same palette to the outer v and blended what was left on the brush along the crease to give the eyes some definition.

AND this where the steps go missing . i added a dark green from my faces palette all over the lid . then i chose a lighter green and placed in the inner 1/3 rd of the eye . i took avon glimmerstick precision powder eyeshadow in dune and placed it smack in the inner corner . 

i lined the upper lashline with avon glimmersticks eyeliner in bronze glow and the lower lashline with lotus hypnotica kajal.

i curled her lashes next and applied tons of faces lengthening mascara..


enjoy the pics ahead.

for the face i used faces rose gold blush and the lips were nude with colorbar velvet matte bare topped with a clear gloss.

hope you all like it !

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disclaimer :-
all the products mentioned above are purchased by me . i have never received money in return of a glowing review . my loyalty lies to my readers . this is a p.r friendly blog .
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Sunday, July 8, 2012

goodies from europe!

a friend of mine was in Europe recently and offered to buy some goodies for . since the friend is a non makeup junkie it would have been stupid to send a list and then get the wrong products and get disappointed :( . so i said grab whatever catches your eye and you think i will like ! i must say i am impressed with the collection put up except may be the nail thingies ( coz i m a klutz .... cant even paint my nails straight ). most of this stuff is by h and m and Yves Rocher!

so lets get on with it
the haul

a closer look

lets see the stuff i got
  1. h & m french manicure kit

what do you give to a nail biting , nail art messing noob ? a french manicure kit, hoping that the noobiness and nail biting would stop. jokes apart , this is the first time ever i have owned a french manicure kit. this is also the first time i have ever owned a proper base coat and top coat . guess there is a first time for everything , huh ? may be it will help me mend my ways , hehehehe :D

 2. Yves Rocher vernis brilliance nail lacquer

the lilac one is R201 and the maroon is R101

the lilac is a perfect pastel for my fingers and lilac happens to be my favourite colour to wear on nails too . its got some blue iridescence . so pretty ! the maroon is a very deep murky red almost bordering on brown .this is such a staple pedicure shade. such dark , vampy colours make my feet look fair and sexy .... tehheeehee

3.yves rocher couleurs nature lip pencil 

the shades are 02 mauve and 07 bois de rose ! aha the french , they name stuff so sweet. only if it was pronounceable too ! a basic mauve and nude lip liner . you cant have too many of them . always needed , must haves !

4. h & m eyeshadow brush and smokey eye brush 

the eyeshadow brush is a basic brush for packing on eyeshadow . it so dense and soft that it can be used for blending too . 

the smokey eye brush is kinda interesting. its dual sided . one end has an angled liner brush and the other end has a dense, small smudge or accent brush of sorts . i need to play around with these brushes more to comment on them . just one thing, they are addictively soft!

5. h & m makeup sponge 

i don't know what thought process provoked this purchase ? but i m thankful as always . i can tell one thing for now is that they are far more superior quality than the Indian ones i have used in the past.

6. h & m shimmer lip balm

its a transclusent lip balm with lots of silver shimmer in it . its not gritty though . since it washes me out , i m planning to use it more as a cheek and brow bone highlighter!

and finally my favorite thing in the haul 
7. h & m eyeshadow palette 32 shades 

i love this . i have palettes with shimmery shades in them . this is my first palette with matte shades . and the best part the colour range is so varied . between this palette and my meylon palette and my kiss beauty shimmery palette i am a happy camper XD!

hope you guys enjoyed my haul!
let me know what would you like me to review in the comments below!

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disclaimer :- all the products mentioned above have been gifted to me :)

Friday, July 6, 2012

d.i.y - body mist for body acne

i begin again with a confession . i suffer from acne not just face but even on my body . my whole back and some part of my chest and upper arms near my shoulder . its very embarrassing just to tell you guys . you can imagine my horror if living day in and day out through it. i cant wear any clothes of my choice lest people see those horrible scars and make fun of me :(  i also avoid social gatherings as much as i can to prevent being noticed . my face is in a much better position than my body though .
if you need more inspiration on living through acne please check out cassandra bankson aka diamondsandheels14's channel on youtube. she is my living inspiration on battling and surviving acne. i have tried many remedies so far to make my acne vanish but not with fulfilling results . its easier to work on your face since its accessible and hence that explains the better condition of my face but my back ? omg  that's my bugbear. since i cant reach it , i cant heal it .
so i being the wisecrack i m i came up with this spray format idea. the measurements etc were taken from site on the interwebz and modified according my requirements .


  • distilled water
  • green tea leaves
  • rose water
  • tea tree oil
  • fresh tulsi leaves
  • spray bottle to hold the mist ( any old bottle will do . just make sure to clean it with warm water and disinfectant soap and let dry for min. 24 hrs)
that's it . all of 6 things needed to make my anti acne life saviour

1. take some 7 to 8 fresh tulsi leaves and tear them up very finely. most preferably the smaller ones.
collect the leaves at the last moment and prevent them from getting black.

2.boil the distilled water till continuous bubble arise about 50 ml . add this steaming water to the tulsi leaves. add green tea leaves 2 tbsp. you can use powder also . but since i had the leaves on hand i just crushed them roughly and added to the hot tulsi water.

4.cover the solution and leave it overnight, occasionally checking the progress . this will help all the essential oils from the tulsi and the green tea to mix with the water

5.this is how it looks after 5 hrs.

6.this is how it looks the next morning. add 5 to 6 drops tea tree oil(aroma shop tea tree oil) at  this stage and add rosewater ( dabur gulabari) 20 ml to make up the required volume.

7.filter this solution through a clean muslin cloth and fill it in the spray bottle prepared. i used my old basiltone bottle. and your mist is ready to use.

i have used this for over two months now . hence, i  am i a good position to comment on its efficiency.
it has managed to clear my acne to a certain extent. due to the spray format i can easily reach those previously inaccessible areas and treat them too. it has managed to prevent outbreak of new breakouts while healing the existing ones . if i muster enough guts some day i might post a pic. but i don't see that happening in the near future.

  • preferably do not use metallic instruments in preparing the mist. it may react with the formulation , altering it and reducing its efficiency.
  • use ceramic, plastic or such instruments as shown in the pictures above.
  • refrigerate the bottle and it will last upto 3 mths.
  • shake well before use to emulsify the essential oil and water based components.

before using any skin care product be sure to consult your dermatologist or your gp . user's discretion advised .since the product  worked on some one's skin it may not mean that it might work on other skins too.

do try it out. let me know if you also suffer from acne and what do you do for it in the comments below.

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disclaimer :-
all the products mentioned above are purchased by me . i have never received money in return of a glowing review . my loyalty lies to my readers . this is a p.r friendly blog .
i can be contacted on for any queries and information .

Thursday, July 5, 2012

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see what i got in my mail today!

today is my happy day!
i am dancing, dancing, dancing!
i got my meylon 28 shade eyeshadow palette that i got from the very sweet erica of beautyholic- the beauty store! i was waiting for it so long ! blazeflash guys really suck a getting stuff on time to me! second time let down !

so mi chickitas join me in the unveiling!

it came all properly packed with my address and fragile written in BOLD letters ( *more on that later )

inside was a tape wrapped package. the sticky tape proved to be a bitch to remove but i surmounted it ! yayyy

inside was a cloth-paper hybrid green baggie

some more tape and white plastic bag wrapping

another hybrid blue baggie this time smaller than the green one

finally my shiny, silver with gold print palette cover

my poor palette ! a beautiful turquiose got shattered in the shipping :( 
*bad blazeflash guys.
as soon as i opened the palette a cloud of turquoise dust blew allover from the broken shadow .
what a tough time cleaning it up!

all the mess generated 

this is my first pro palette ever !
expect many more looks from it.
swatches , review coming soon !

stay tuned

love, vj

all the products were bought by me with my own money

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