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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

MAYBELLINE LIP COLOR Color Sensational Jewels- Pink Tourmaline-1433

hello dolls and ken dolls ,
( sorry i have no idea what male dolls are called ) long time no see. how are all of you ? how is the so called Indian winters and really real world winters treating you?
i was m.i.a for a long time due to my exams and then i had to be emergency hospitalized for a week due to a condition for a week . ladies suffering from PCOS i share your pain.
so now that i am back on my feet , sitting on my own bum typing this long pending review for you  guys . hands in the air .YAYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!.
just a prologue to all those new ones joining us and a reminder for all those who have loyally hung around( thank you and hugs ) - I AM NOT A PINK PERSON . I AM NOT A LIPGLOSS  PERSON.
SO this review is for a lipstick that's pink and glossy .

what is it:-
MAYBELLINE LIP COLOR Color Sensational Jewels- Pink Tourmaline-1433
price:-350 INR
net wt:-3.9 grams
expiry:- no idea what-so-ever. i just chuck my lipsticks whenever they start smelling awful.

what it claims :-

Why You’ll Love It

    • ILLUMINATED COLOR only from our deep jewelucent pigments.
  • CREAMIER FEEL only from our nourishing honey nectar
  • A captivating jewel collection in 8 deeply provocative shades

Expert Tip

Apply your lipstick by starting in the center of your upper lip. Work from the center to the outer edges of your lip, following the contours of your mouth. Repeat the technique on your lower lip.

In case any of you darlings don't know what a pink tourmaline is or what it looks like. here is a pic for you.
Tourmaline is a crystal boron silicate mineral compounded with elements such asaluminium, iron, magnesiumsodiumlithium, or potassium.The pink color of tourmalines from many fields is the result of a continued natural irradiation. During their growth, these tourmalines incorporate Mn2+, whereas initially they are by nature very pale. Tourmaline is classified as a semi-precious stone and the gemstone comes in a wide variety of colors.

standard maybelline colorsensational packaging with a twist. the twist being the shiny , hologram like effect on the pink plastic top. its fun to look at and i like such things. if not doing anything else, i am often caught staring oddly at the packaging of this lipstick.the tube inside is metal and has a nice hefty, expensive feel to it.luckily the lipstick swivels down completely and doesn't get caught along the way in the cap. plus points for that. i know how many lipsticks i have ruined in a hurry just because they didn't close well.

the name and other information is written on the bottom of the tube in big , bold letters. you sure wont need glasses to read it out.the tube is pretty pink as well . easy to identify this one from the sea of lippies . no shame in that . i admit it . i am a lipstick hoor. 

the ultimate detail is maybelline new york etched on the the metal tube. one sad part s being metallic , it holds fingerprints bad. need to wipe it down after every use.

The Shade:-

it is a very pretty blue based almost fuchsia pink . what makes it different from other pinks in the market is the shimmer in it. i will lay it down straight. this is a frost finish lipstick. if you do not like frost , this one is not for you . it is cool toned no denying that. it definitely has a white base and may have to tendency to pull off chalky on very warm skin tones.. to know what a white base is , click here.

Now what distinguishes it from other frosty pink lip products mentioned in the dupes list below , is definitely the shimmer . it isn't just silvery white shimmer. but a mix of pink and red shimmer as well. the variations in the shimmer are easily visible if you rub it off. the subtle pinky red shimmer gives it a bit depth rather than making it seem like a party pink.the best part is the shimmer doesn't migrate . i have lipsticks and glosses whose shimmer has ended down my decolletage area by the end of the day. it stays put and doesn't feel gritty as it wears on. being frosty however it settles into fine lines. so exfoliate properly before applying.
the shimmer also creates a beautiful play on colours. in different lightings the shade appears different. in natural light is more pink toned whereas in artificial yellow lighting its more of a red.  also due to the frost shiny finish , it makes the lips appear more fuller and poutier. now who doesn't want that?

The Wear:-
as is true with whole of the color sensational range, it is immensely creamy and smooth. 1 swipe delivers almost opaque colour with ease. the wear time is decent around 4-5hrs with eating and drinking. it lingers as a stain upto the 8 hr mark after which it looks plain grubby. being a bright shade the shimmer isn't the only thing left behind , some colour persists is adequately moisturizing. i don't not need to wear a lip balm underneath nor do i need to rush to apply it after taking the lipstick off.
but what it majorly needs s a lipliner underneath . being a bright colour and given as creamy as it is, it has tendency to feather outside the lipline, bleed and smoosh off completely due to transfer.
yes it transfers like crazy on any and everything your lips touch.
my choice of lip liner is from the range itself-maybelline new york color sensational lip liner in STELLAR PINK. 

tip of the day:- to add to your regular matte red lipstick . apply the rad lipstick to the outer corners of your lips leaving the center bare. place a frosty pink shade in the center for a unique duo toned ombre lip effect!

The Dupe list:-

while testing  out dupes i was scanning majorly for blue based frosty pinks. and a truth of my life dawned on me . actually two truths. i own very less lipsticks and more so very less lipsticks. so much so that i had to snag one from my mum's vanity :(
onto the dupes:-
  1. maybelline colorsensational jewels- pink tourmaline
  2. maybelline color sensational lip liner -stellar pink.
  3. avon simply pretty lipstick- amethyst ( a very old tube . belongs to the mum. from the original simply pretty lineup)
  4. nyx round lipstick- georgia
  5. nyx megashine lipgloss- french kiss
  6. gala of london ultra cream lipstick- 24 pink partner

from the images you can see that stellar pink is the perfect match in natural lighting but appears to lean a bit mauve-y in artificial lighting. amethyst is just purple and cannot be compared. i thought it could be dupe looking at the tube. sad. georgia is much lighter , frostier and more pink based. french kiss and pink partner may not look like dupes at all . but they are the perfect dupe in shade when layered. though the effect is much more glossier pink partner layered on top on french kiss matches the tone , frostiness  but doesn't have the same depth due to difference in shimmer.

how it looks on my lips:-

Final Word:-
DO I LIKE IT:-  yes i do . but not my kinda shade that i will wear often or in the day time. 

WILL I REPURCHASE IT:- nope. maybe rubylicious  or refined wine. i have not much love for either frost finish or frosty pinks except when they are eyeshadows.

WILL I RECOMMEND IT:- yes to all those pink lovers out there . and those who are looking for a bright out there party , night time pink.
RATING:- 4/5
(deducted for transferring and settling into fine lines)

what shades are your party must haves? which finish do you like the most in your lipsticks? have you tried this line? do leave a comment below

hugs and kisses,

disclaimer:- the above product was a p.r sample sent for review. this has not affected the review in any way.i have never received compensation in return of glowing reviews. my loyalty lies with my readers. for further details i can be contacted on Thank You very much!


  1. The tip is cool!
    and the color suits you :)
    you have perfect lips :)

    1. pssshhhh apoorva !
      perfect lips nah!
      just tweaked the way i take photos!

  2. nice review dear
    i love these lippies too :)
    i have in amethyst :)


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