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Saturday, April 27, 2013

vellvette box - april 2013

hello everyone,
after posting about my last vellvette box , i somehow took a break from it . however i soon missed it and decided to subscribe again.and this time its a three month subscription . YAYY FOR ME
just an heads up my first post was a ballad to the greatness of the vellvette lets see does this one float the boat and make it sail or the boat plain sinks..................

pretty box , pretty ribbon -even the ribbon has a spring theme to it .... :D
this times box has a sort of spring theme to it . as they say this box is to put a spring in our steps.... sadly they   are mistaken . its blazing, makeup melting, brain boiling summer in mumbai . aah! lets just leave that to that because that rant can go on and on ..... as much as i love my city , this is one thing i cannot absolutely bear  ...pssshh

big bad dent in my box....o_0,
whats in my box:-
i had really high expectations from this box . when i placed my order , they were currently running a contest that some 200 subscribers would get LUSH aqua marina cleanser . i didn't get in my box . may be some other "bloggers" did win . this was disappointment number one. its like meh . i didn't win so what ? i never do right ? no point being a sour puss >.<

  • Figs and Rouge Aloe and Mint balm:- (full size - inr 695)
aloe great . mint .... umm not so great . not a fan of anything that smells or tastes minty . in lip products i can bear . not in something that i m going to put on my body.(not that the poor guys at vellvette could have known this. there was no column for fragrance of products in preferences ;) ) 
its exactly like a balm .at room temperature , has a more ghee like tingles a bit on the lips. offers clear shine . i also use it on elbows, knees and ankles at night and find them softened in the morning.
haven't used on my brows,feet etc yet , as mentioned in the card.
 a very good product but not my favourite flavour.

who loves vintage tin me me !
  • THE NATURE'S CO Spearmint Body Wash:-(sample size -35ml, full size-485)
this one's perfect for the Indian summers. after all an Indian company, that too one manufacturing pure vegetarian products.... happy vegetarian dance !!!!!!!!. its a great basic body wash . lathers well, get cleaned in less water , has a pleasant tingly feeling after you apply it. the tingly sensation last for a while after the shower. decent sized bottle . easily you can get about 10 uses out of it . perfect for travel.

didn't get the atmospure part ..... we usually associate green with murkiness... maybe purity for the people at the nature's co.

now the only drawback. the scent . the spearmint scent . brings back memories of chewing Wrigley's spearmint chewing gum for hours together. but i cant tolerate . no mint for me please. mint , spearmint or any other mint.thank you but no thank you . 
this has been promptly snagged by my twerp little sister . she loves it . cant stop sniffing it.

verdant lush green depths of spearminty goodness

whats inside all that gleaming metal??????
  • MOTIVES Mardi Gras palette (full size - inr 3050)
whoa.... hold it right there , 3050 inr you say . that too in a sample subscription that is just paid 399 inr for? ( okay even lesser because of the 3 month subscription discount...hehehe) now coming to what this palette has.
  • three shadows- a forest green with shimmer., satin finish. the only good performing colour from the eyeshadow is a golden peach . matte finish . doesn't show up very well on my complexion. very sheer. lastly, a violet-purply whateveryoucallit.. a very hard. worst performing shade. doesn't want to budge out from its palette. as you can see below ,the swatches are very very sheer. i cant perceive how to make these shades work *mind freaked*

without flash 

  • 6 lipcolors- its technically 3 lip glosses and 3 lipsticks . but the lipcolours themselves are so confused because of their nature that they themselves don't know what are they . plus no card explaining what id love is the 2 nd pan from left in the 2nd pot. the bright coral . rest i don't care for. the deep violet gloss(lets assume its a gloss) was mistaken to be a cream eye liner . duh ! i know right . i had to swatch it to confirm. who anyways wears sheer violet gloss. i don't.

with flash

with flash

without flash

without flash

loads of cards bookmarks wheeeee!!!!!!!!
so overall this was an average box. nothing stood out really. i would have loved to get something from max factor or skincare from the nature's co. anyways , grass is always greener on the other side(purple on ours....hehehe)

take care,

p.s:- anyone saw ek thi daayan? worth a dekko for sure. the cinematography , the storyline , the acting.... everything grips you even much later after the end stills roll in !!!!!!!!

disclaimer:- the above product was bought by me from my own money .  .i have never received compensation in return of glowing reviews. my loyalty lies with my readers. for further details i can be contacted Thank You very much!


  1. hey i saw ek thi dayaan ...i loved movie and yaaram song, and i loved motives in ur box ;)

    1. i had such such high hopes for it......sadly it was the biggest dud!
      yaaram is such a easily hummable song ( if thats a word)!

  2. ugh!! seriosuly, there's nothing in this box that I liked...I ordered Velvette Box only once and that Clinique Palette was so bad, that I decided to never order again...It may sound a lot for that price, but...Anyway, I also saw Ek THi Daayan..Loved it!! :)

    1. i am disappointed too . i have chosen a wait and watch stance right now. after three months i ' m going to reconsider whether to go on subscribing or not :(

  3. Ouuccchhh.. I wish you would have got the Lush sample.. I liked the Motives palette though.

    Hina xx

    1. it would have been fine even if i had gotten just the lush sample. rest all i dont really care for

  4. From all the velvette boxes I have seen...this seems to be the best one! & The palette seems to be really great...

  5. its seems great . just isnt...

  6. Oh! That's great then :D

    When you mentioned confusing lip colors, I thought it's just average

    Please do review the palette! :)

  7. i was plain uninspired to write anything good about it :p.

  8. sure heena


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