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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

MAYBELLINE LIP COLOR Color Sensational Jewels- Pink Tourmaline-1433

hello dolls and ken dolls ,
( sorry i have no idea what male dolls are called ) long time no see. how are all of you ? how is the so called Indian winters and really real world winters treating you?
i was m.i.a for a long time due to my exams and then i had to be emergency hospitalized for a week due to a condition for a week . ladies suffering from PCOS i share your pain.
so now that i am back on my feet , sitting on my own bum typing this long pending review for you  guys . hands in the air .YAYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!.
just a prologue to all those new ones joining us and a reminder for all those who have loyally hung around( thank you and hugs ) - I AM NOT A PINK PERSON . I AM NOT A LIPGLOSS  PERSON.
SO this review is for a lipstick that's pink and glossy .

what is it:-
MAYBELLINE LIP COLOR Color Sensational Jewels- Pink Tourmaline-1433
price:-350 INR
net wt:-3.9 grams
expiry:- no idea what-so-ever. i just chuck my lipsticks whenever they start smelling awful.

what it claims :-

Why You’ll Love It

    • ILLUMINATED COLOR only from our deep jewelucent pigments.
  • CREAMIER FEEL only from our nourishing honey nectar
  • A captivating jewel collection in 8 deeply provocative shades

Expert Tip

Apply your lipstick by starting in the center of your upper lip. Work from the center to the outer edges of your lip, following the contours of your mouth. Repeat the technique on your lower lip.

In case any of you darlings don't know what a pink tourmaline is or what it looks like. here is a pic for you.
Tourmaline is a crystal boron silicate mineral compounded with elements such asaluminium, iron, magnesiumsodiumlithium, or potassium.The pink color of tourmalines from many fields is the result of a continued natural irradiation. During their growth, these tourmalines incorporate Mn2+, whereas initially they are by nature very pale. Tourmaline is classified as a semi-precious stone and the gemstone comes in a wide variety of colors.

standard maybelline colorsensational packaging with a twist. the twist being the shiny , hologram like effect on the pink plastic top. its fun to look at and i like such things. if not doing anything else, i am often caught staring oddly at the packaging of this lipstick.the tube inside is metal and has a nice hefty, expensive feel to it.luckily the lipstick swivels down completely and doesn't get caught along the way in the cap. plus points for that. i know how many lipsticks i have ruined in a hurry just because they didn't close well.

the name and other information is written on the bottom of the tube in big , bold letters. you sure wont need glasses to read it out.the tube is pretty pink as well . easy to identify this one from the sea of lippies . no shame in that . i admit it . i am a lipstick hoor. 

the ultimate detail is maybelline new york etched on the the metal tube. one sad part s being metallic , it holds fingerprints bad. need to wipe it down after every use.

The Shade:-

it is a very pretty blue based almost fuchsia pink . what makes it different from other pinks in the market is the shimmer in it. i will lay it down straight. this is a frost finish lipstick. if you do not like frost , this one is not for you . it is cool toned no denying that. it definitely has a white base and may have to tendency to pull off chalky on very warm skin tones.. to know what a white base is , click here.

Now what distinguishes it from other frosty pink lip products mentioned in the dupes list below , is definitely the shimmer . it isn't just silvery white shimmer. but a mix of pink and red shimmer as well. the variations in the shimmer are easily visible if you rub it off. the subtle pinky red shimmer gives it a bit depth rather than making it seem like a party pink.the best part is the shimmer doesn't migrate . i have lipsticks and glosses whose shimmer has ended down my decolletage area by the end of the day. it stays put and doesn't feel gritty as it wears on. being frosty however it settles into fine lines. so exfoliate properly before applying.
the shimmer also creates a beautiful play on colours. in different lightings the shade appears different. in natural light is more pink toned whereas in artificial yellow lighting its more of a red.  also due to the frost shiny finish , it makes the lips appear more fuller and poutier. now who doesn't want that?

The Wear:-
as is true with whole of the color sensational range, it is immensely creamy and smooth. 1 swipe delivers almost opaque colour with ease. the wear time is decent around 4-5hrs with eating and drinking. it lingers as a stain upto the 8 hr mark after which it looks plain grubby. being a bright shade the shimmer isn't the only thing left behind , some colour persists is adequately moisturizing. i don't not need to wear a lip balm underneath nor do i need to rush to apply it after taking the lipstick off.
but what it majorly needs s a lipliner underneath . being a bright colour and given as creamy as it is, it has tendency to feather outside the lipline, bleed and smoosh off completely due to transfer.
yes it transfers like crazy on any and everything your lips touch.
my choice of lip liner is from the range itself-maybelline new york color sensational lip liner in STELLAR PINK. 

tip of the day:- to add to your regular matte red lipstick . apply the rad lipstick to the outer corners of your lips leaving the center bare. place a frosty pink shade in the center for a unique duo toned ombre lip effect!

The Dupe list:-

while testing  out dupes i was scanning majorly for blue based frosty pinks. and a truth of my life dawned on me . actually two truths. i own very less lipsticks and more so very less lipsticks. so much so that i had to snag one from my mum's vanity :(
onto the dupes:-
  1. maybelline colorsensational jewels- pink tourmaline
  2. maybelline color sensational lip liner -stellar pink.
  3. avon simply pretty lipstick- amethyst ( a very old tube . belongs to the mum. from the original simply pretty lineup)
  4. nyx round lipstick- georgia
  5. nyx megashine lipgloss- french kiss
  6. gala of london ultra cream lipstick- 24 pink partner

from the images you can see that stellar pink is the perfect match in natural lighting but appears to lean a bit mauve-y in artificial lighting. amethyst is just purple and cannot be compared. i thought it could be dupe looking at the tube. sad. georgia is much lighter , frostier and more pink based. french kiss and pink partner may not look like dupes at all . but they are the perfect dupe in shade when layered. though the effect is much more glossier pink partner layered on top on french kiss matches the tone , frostiness  but doesn't have the same depth due to difference in shimmer.

how it looks on my lips:-

Final Word:-
DO I LIKE IT:-  yes i do . but not my kinda shade that i will wear often or in the day time. 

WILL I REPURCHASE IT:- nope. maybe rubylicious  or refined wine. i have not much love for either frost finish or frosty pinks except when they are eyeshadows.

WILL I RECOMMEND IT:- yes to all those pink lovers out there . and those who are looking for a bright out there party , night time pink.
RATING:- 4/5
(deducted for transferring and settling into fine lines)

what shades are your party must haves? which finish do you like the most in your lipsticks? have you tried this line? do leave a comment below

hugs and kisses,

disclaimer:- the above product was a p.r sample sent for review. this has not affected the review in any way.i have never received compensation in return of glowing reviews. my loyalty lies with my readers. for further details i can be contacted on Thank You very much!

Saturday, December 1, 2012

attention- giveaway alert

to all those pretty beauties who want prettier hair and skin.
kerastase and keraskin has some fab products for you.
knowing how expensive kerastase is, the fabulous ankita of corallista beauty blog has an giveaway for you
Win luxury skincare and hair care products from Kérastase and Kéraskin!

click link below to take part in it . i m participating in an quest to attain excellent hair and skin . are you ?

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

AVON onyx luster tri-eyeshadow in midnight luster

i can see the season coming,
of all things shiny and sparkly!
i can see the season coming,
of all things bright and merry !
i can see the season coming,
of the beautiful DIWALI!

OK OK OK  no one looks cross-eyed at me . not my fault . i just love this festival so much that i could post even a video of me doing an impromptu jig(which would scare away the very few readers i have ) . the poetry itself is pathetic , i realise that . kiddie poetry not my thing . adult poetry totally my thing. so the video would have been overkill .
i digress ( so predictable of me ). Diwali means parties , meeting people and all the showsha we Indians are well known for .it also means dressing up . dressing up bright , bold and blingy (oooo i just alliterated ... hehe grammar freak ). not everyone likes blingy so for those who dont let me present to u a product that's shimmery enough but still classy for elegant and charismatic eyes for the festival season .

AVON onyx luster tri-eyeshadow in midnight luster

price:-  399/- inr but since i purchased it a while back it set me back by 299/- that is almost 100/- inr for each shadow.
net weight:- 2.8 g or 0.10oz
expiry date:- 30 months from manufacturing date .

Black goes luminous with a pearly glow. Shine the light on your dark side. Silky smooth powder. Stay-true color. Mirror compact with built-in drawer for applicator.

it comes in a sleek black rectangular black box with a shiny finish. it has two compartments- the one you see on opening holds the 3 shadows closely packed together without any individual pans.the lower compartment is almost hidden and slides out . it holds two sponge tipped applicators but i have lost one of them . the lid also has a clear , good but small mirror  the lid closes with a snap and overall the packaging is sturdy. the box does have a tendency to hold fingerprints and gets scratches easily if you are too clumsy ( like me ;-p) as you can see from the pictures.the applicators are good for applying shadows to the inner corners and on the lower lashline.

natural lighting

the trio consists of a nude peach shade with a golden sheen to it , a basic black with some teeny tiny glitter particles and an almost matte brown.none of the shades have any names or descriptions even on the site so please bear with me as i try ( struggle) to explain the shades.

with flash
  1. the first shade is a beautiful peachy shimmery nude shade . i can see this shade working on a wide range of complexions and different undertones without looking orange-y.its a perfect all over the lid goes on a bit sheer but can be built upto desired intensity without going patchy and streaky. its one of those shades that you just put on your lids , throw some eyeliner and mascara on and you are done ! TA-DAH . as easy as that . no more squirmy people egging you to get ready soon. it also is the perfect base shade for my medium dark skin tone to put other eyeshadows over without them getting too works perfect as a shimmery browbone and inner corner highlight for darker , warmer skin tones. with a sparing hand/applicator/brush even lighter skin toned people can make it work . i am all for shimmery highlighters during this season.
  2. the second shade is a matte black with some Lil silver glitter . the glitter doesn't get picked up by the brush hence doesn't even get translated onto the eyes. so no love lost there. this black means business . its intensely black no grey or brown undertones here. its very pigmented hence can be easily overdone. a light hand is highly recommended. perfect shade to smoke out a look or a as a base or darker eyeshadows for an dark , vampy look. i often use it as a upper lash line liner for a soft , smudged yet elegant effect. since the glitters dont translate onto the eye, i safely use it at my lower waterline to set my kohl there.TIP OF THE DAY:-often with whatever is left on my brush after applying BLACK to the lid , i brush it lightly through my brows ( lightly being the key word here ). it slightly defines my brows without me having to reach for a brow product.
  3. the third shade is a matte chocolate brown with a sheen to it . let just say that this shade is a let down and leave it to that. its dry, stiff, doesn't get picked up brushes, fingers or applicators. when it does you literally have to jab at the pan to get some of the product to loosen up . still it stays stuck there like a petulant child while you leave it there and go find another shade to put through your crease, brows or for contouring.after a million efforts you manage to put it on your eyes and get it show up , it doesn't just want to blend. it either vanishes into thin thin air or just turns muddy, making your overall look go awry .as you can see in the swatches this one is a bad penny. and bad pennies have a way of turning up even though no one wants them.this is like wasting 100 inr of your hard earned, stolen, borrowed etc ( hehehe..) money on a really pathetic product and this affects the rating of the overall trio adversely.

single swipe swatches in order of the trio
the overall staying power of the palette is decent if you ignore the brown ( which is like 1/3rd of the palette). it stays on for 3 to 4 hours before starting to crease slightly on my semi oily lids.if a proper base like a primer or a concealer set with powder is used , it lasts good for around five hours before fading around the edges.
see the pics below to see the trio in action .
apart from the trio i have used l'oreal gel eyeliner in black on upper lashline and lower waterline and faces lengthening mascara.
the peach nude shade is from the upper lash line to the browbone and in the inner corner. the chocolate brown (with difficulty....i doubt you can see it) through the crease. black in the outer corner , blended well and outer 2/3rds of the lower lashline.
with blurred focus and flash to show the shimmery nature of the eyeshadows
i haven't used  a base for the eotd so you can see the true intensity of the shadows.
notice the inner corner highlight? pretty... eh?
no flash - yellow bathroom lighting
DO I LIKE IT:- yes . i do . smooth , blendable easy to work shades for work as well as night out wear.

WILL I REPURCHASE IT:- HELL NO. i cant see 100 inr go down the gutter for a bad eyeshadow . despite the trio having two beautiful easy to work shades i wont buy this trio again. i have enough neutrals to last me a lifetime ( no maybe a year or so.... i ' m so damn sure that i will buy something before this year ends :-D).

WILL I RECOMMEND IT:- yes to beginners who are feeling their way into the world of makeup. and also to those who love quick,easy , neutral looks.

RATING:- 3/5 . ( 1 deducted for the bum shade and the other for being available only through avon representatives and for being slightly overpriced for its quality).

what are your favorite nude, neutral eyeshadows to wear? have your tried this trio or any other eyeshadows by avon?do you like neutrals? let me know what blush and lip colour will you pair with an eyeshadow like this in comments below.

until next time....stay tuned more to come.


p.s:- hows your diwali shopping coming along? i haven't even started mine yet......:(

disclaimer :-
all the products mentioned above are purchased by me . i have never received money in return of a glowing review . my loyalty lies to my readers . this is a p.r friendly blog .
i can be contacted on for any queries and information .

Sunday, October 14, 2012

new box on the horizon - lets take a look at the Vellvette Box

hola mi chikitas,
i know i am so late on the velvette box horizon and all of you must be like meh , i know whats in all boxes etc etc . but please stay with me for a while . after all the sample subscription box debacle , it would be an epiphany to say that i was excited about this one.
i don't wish to bore you guys and lose half the people with the story but anyways , when was i the one who gave up an opportunity to ramble? it happened thus that after all the hoopla with the blisscovered box ( 1st month) , i decided to order it for the next month ( being ever forgetful i cant precisely remember the months).
well ,the box never arrived. and after waiting about three weeks or so , i get a mail . it says why did i not accept the box when it arrived or pay for it. HULLO ! the box never arrived what was i supposed to pay for or accept ! it also kind of reprimanded that i should not do this in the future and they hoped to serve me in the future. hah! i doubt they would ever get a chance to ' serve' me again. and within a month blisscovered folded.
and then the great glossybox debacle! glossybox india will never live that one down , not for the next 100 years at least. some beauty bloggers received a p.r sample box and the whole blogosphere went frothing-at-the-mouth gaga over glossybox. soon people were waiting for the launch and lining up to book there boxes. some bloggers ran giveaways feauturing the box itself. but hardly did they know , that glossybox kind of made a fool of everyone. i won ankita from coralista's giveaway and the box never arrived. it was pathetic on glossybox's part. but i was later informed that i was going to get a jabong voucher worth 2000/- which never came as well :(
so glossybox you cheated us poor girls. *booo*
ritzbox , lushbox never came.

Now, coming to the vellvette box. sorelle grapevine's review of the vellvette box piqued my curiosity. i decided to check out the site and was impressed. since c.o.d was available,i decided to book the box.
nothing would be lost, if it never arrived!

And , arrive it did in a sturdy classy black box ( if you know me , you know my black box obsession well), covered in pretty pink paper. i usually detest all things pink but this was a perfectly , perfect adorable shade of pink.tons and tons of vouchers for full size but they aren't worth much . and i don't plan to buy anything full size soon. *sigh* they are till 31st Oct only so no use to me. the best part , though it took a week to arrive , the customer care was cordial , warm and polite . full points for excellent customer service. some places could take a lesson *ahem ahem*

just one note before anything else- these are my first ever high end products . they may just be samples but they mean the world to me .

finally whats in my box:-
  • clinique lipgloss in fireberry and lipstick in raspberry glace - now this one is the prettiest duo i have ever come across. the mini lipstick reminds me of the samplers avon and oriflame used to handout a few years back . however , it doesn't swivel down completely and the swivel is a bit loose, so you need to be careful with this one. the lipgloss is almost as good as full size with a doe foot applicator. lipgloss full size ( 6.5ml)= 1300/- inr ; lipstick full size(4 g )=1300/-
  • L'Occitane pivoine flora shower gel- this lil champ makes my whole shelf smell like a garden of roses. i am allergic to anything rose-y smelling. even dabur gulabari makes me want to upchuck in a rather unappetizing way. however, this doesn't smell synthetic at all. fresh roses, that's it. if i ever save up that much , i will be sure to buy a full size of it. this is a very generous sized sampler btw. full size(250ml)=1095/-inr
  • clarins pure melt cleansing gel- makeup removing oils , facial oils seem to be having their spot in the sunshine it seems. like an oil it is to be applied to dry skin and unlike oil, it is a gel ( obvious in the name isn't it? silly me). imma very curious. but haven't tried it yet. waiting for my skin to calm down from my past flareups. full size(125ml)=1450/- inr
  • the bonus:-Guess seductive- i'm yours - yes guess seductive- i am yours. i m smitten . i m in love with you. so much so that i take you out of your tiny container and sniff you at the oddest times. but i don't spray you for the fear of wasting your precious are mine . my precious ( weird sheldon accent - get the big bang theory joke? no ? sad ) it just smells divine . so my kind of scent. dark,woodsy and musky. perfect combo. not too floral ( i know i must stop now , too bad at describing fragrances.) full size (30ml;50ml;75ml)=1790;2490;2990 inr
if you count the lipstick and lipgloss separate i have received 5 products instead of the three promised. ME LIKEY! totally worth the 399/- inr.these are just my first views. detailed reviews may come later. so far i am really happy with my box. the velvette box has managed to sweeten the bitter taste left by other boxes. i very saddened to hear that the October bookings are full . so i am pitching out for the Nov box. money well spent .

have you tried sample subscription boxes before? whats your take on them ? do like them? do you loathe them?

let me know in the comments below!!

much love,

p.s:- i just read a post by blisscovered on their fb page saying they are back from their hiatus. some accessory stuff blah blah and they will be starting the sample subscription again . any takers?

p.p.s:- i have a got a big new coming up .  stay tuned!!!!!!!!!

disclaimer:-i did not receive any voucher etc to shop. all the above products have been bought by my own hard earned money .my loyalty lies to my readers i have nothing to disclose.thank you very much.

Monday, October 8, 2012

10K Run Giveaway by StyleCraze

hello gals,
stylecraze is having a fantastic giveaway because they have hit the 5ooo member mark. but the giveaway is open till they hit the 10000 member mark .
the best part is yet to come.
there is a hamper worth 30000 inr up for grabs. so go ahead be a member now and it could be yours....
just check out the image below and tell me if you are not compelled to participate .

10K Run Giveaway

hope i see you all on stylecraze....

Sunday, October 7, 2012

see what i got in the mail - urban touch haul!

hello beauties,
something made my weekend ! i know the title is such a dead give away. this black box can make any gal happy.
 so i recently got my semester results and since i had scored good ( obviously better than my or my parent's expectations ) my mother decided to give me a small "baksheesh" . i was flying in the sky since it was sans any conditions which indicated i could shop to my hearts content . a big hurray to moms ! 
given my schedule , i couldn't go out of my hometown to shop. i live in a very "townsy" sort of a place. so buying my beloved makeup here is a big no no. i headed to one of my favourite online shopping sites "URBAN TOUCH" .

guess whats in the box !
i have shopped from there before and always have had fantastic service.
a few glitches here and there easily smoothed over by excellent, responsible and prompt customer service.
i agree its expensive and the offers or discounts are less compared to other sites but the black box packaging is versatile and tempting!

peek a boo


(from left to right)
  • basicare powder brush:- i actually needed a blush brush . but being the butterfingered me i chose the powder brush instead . i realised this when the invoice mail came. thought it was too late and what the heck, this brush is perfect for applying blush to my chubby cheeks ! 
  • faces long wear pencil in forest green:- getting seriously addicted to these  Faces pencils. after navy i decided to try a different shade . after seeing a few reviews online , i set my sights on this. this is a perfect shade for pop of colour for college.
  • nyx mega shine lipgloss in french kiss:-  me, a lipstick gal, was brought down to her knees by the power of the fabled NYX megashine lip glosses. its perfect as centre-of-the-lip colour to bring some dimension to the lips and as the name says " mega shiny".
  • nyx powder bronzer in days of maui:- with my ulta bronzer broken, i was in search of a new budget bronzer. this is the only product i haven't tested yet , so will get back to you soon about it :)
  • lakme perfect radiance intense whitening night cream- this has replaced my hg l'oreal pearl perfect. lovvvvveeeee it ! it is a miracle in a jar. if you want to know more do let me know in he comments below. 
  • loreal superliner 24H gel eyeliner in black:- it has received the highest rating as the best drugstore eyeliner on various blogs. its a perfect addition to my a.m college makeup routine.
hope you enjoyed my haul!
see you soon.

disclaimer:-i did not receive any voucher etc to shop. all the above products have been bought by my own hard earned money .my loyalty lies to my customers. i have nothing to disclose.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

vlcc gold scrub review and swatches

hello girls,
come monsoons and my skin starts acting like a petulant child. in winters , its excellent . in summers, a teeny tiny bit okay. arghhhhh the horror of rains. the humidity , the stickiness and the unpredictable atmosphere leads to my face looking like a oil slick and you know the rest of the tale how oily skin can lead to all sorts of skin problems etc etc . so popping a new pimple or blackhead every week and having a skin as dull as a barren desert is a common occurrence for me.
this year however, the cycle changed. thanks to the below product.
price:- 135 inr but i got it for 110/- at a local shop at a discount.
net wt:-  70g / 2.46oz
best before 36 months from manufacture
so it comes to 0.51 g per 1 re which is good IMHO.


a very basic plastic tube with a flip cap, nothing very exciting.its got gold and yellow accents allover ,not my favourite colours.but its transparent in some places so you can tell how much product you have left and when do you need a new tube, which i like. despite it being a scrub, it doesn't get clogged around the hole and squeezes out nicely, even after months of use.

exposure to environmental factors like pollution and dust make skin look dull and lifeless.this unique scrub,enriched with 24 carat pure gold, turmeric, and sandalwood , has a deep pore cleansing action that gently exfoliates dead skin cells, superficial white and black heads . it leaves skin fresh and glowing with a radiant complexion.

extracts of aloe vera, sandalwood , raisin, turmeric, gold leaf , xanthan gum , dimethicone, triclosan and vitamin E.

take an appropriate amount of scrub and apply all over face and neck with wet fingertips. scrub for a few minutes with circular and outward strokes to exfoliate impurities. rinse thoroughly.


after finishing off my trusty olivia facial scrub ( yes its good and no olivia doesn't just make bleaches), i was scouring high and low for a new decent scrub ( read: inexpensive). i decided to try out a local cosmetics and novelty store ( tehhheeeehee...... yes i do live in a city with such shops and big, pushy aunties for s.a's ). she recommended that this will make me glow like 24 k gold. since it was light on the wallet what-the-heck right?

Let me clear this , it is a mild scrub , a very very very mild one. even my avon tea tree facewash is more you can see from the swatches , the particles are few and very far in between. also it has golden, shimmery specks and larger Styrofoam-ish gold painted pieces. it is a pale yellow coloured semi liquid product. not too runny that is flows away and not too thick that it will clog the tube ( everyuth face scrubs do that ) . it does have a very strong ,artificial fragrance that lingers sometime after washing. it stings eyes painfully in case it gets into the eye :(

now the great part. its perfect for my dry cheeks, oily t-zone combo skin. i have many breakouts from being on medication for the past several months. this doesn't harm , burst or increase them . i do not have significant blackheads, hence cant comment on that . nut yes, it works to clear my whiteheads doesn't leave my skin dry and stretchy even though it does foam up. people blessed with normal or oily skins can use this pretty much everyday . but i try not to do that, OVER EXFOLIATION CAN MAKE YOUR SKIN SENSITIVE!!!

finally , THE BEST PART  *drumrolll*. it makes my skin GLOW . if you follow my blog , you might know how much i am obsessed with GLOW. and you will be pleased to know unlike a fake 2 hr glow, this kind of radiance actually lasts. i am almost tempted to try other products from the gold range for this very reason . 

tip of the day :- if for an event in order to ensure the best makeup application scrub your skin prior to applying makeup and rub an icecube over the face. the makeup goes on smoothly and stays fresh for a long time :)

do i like it :- YES . 

will i repurchase:- NO. i am still searching for and H.G face scrub . so please do recommend in the comments below !

will i recommend it :- YES. to people with sensitive skins or acne prone. and also ones on the lookout for inexpensive scrub for daily use. particularly for tired and dull skin .

rating3.5/5 . deducted for incomplete ingredient list and presence of silicones :( and lack of real gold  (w.t.h am i expecting in 110 bucks .... heheheh )

note:- the above reviewed product works for me may not mean it may work for you as well. caution should be maintained before and while using the product. discretion advised .

disclaimer :-
all the products mentioned above are purchased by me . i have never received money in return of a glowing review . my loyalty lies to my readers . this is a p.r friendly blog .
i can be contacted on for any queries and information .

Thursday, August 2, 2012

how not to do an n.o.t.d-1.- a twist on a french manicure

hello angels,
got an n.o.t.d for you this time. well if you follow my blog, you may know that i suck at anything hair and i have tried french manicure before and much to my dismay, it didn't resemble anything french or manicure. so when i got the h & m french manicure kit , i decided to try it out. but with a twist

1. remove any previous nailpolish and clean your nails with a nailpolish remover. apply a base coat of your choice to prevent any damage to the nails and prevent the nail colour from chipping or peeling before time.

2. take a dotting tool and place it in the white polish and apply the dots in any particular order you like. i chose them in a slanting line from the right most tips to the left inner corner. you can use any colour for this step.

3. choose a contrasting shade and apply it between the spaces of the white dots for a contrasting effect.

4.applying a top coat to seal your artwork and your done!!!!


  1. ambar nailpolish remover
  2. h & m base coat
  3. eraser to which a pin is attached as a dotting tool
  4. h & m white tip colour
  5. elle 18 nail pops in 02
  6. h & m top coat .
hope you guys like my first attempt at an n.o.t.d. do let me know what you think of it in the comments below. would you like to see more of them? do like doing or getting nail art done? whats the best manicure you have had till date?


some of the above products like the h&m kit and the remover were gifted to me. rest of it i have bought from my own money.  i have never received money in return of a recommendation.

Monday, July 23, 2012

colorbar precision waterproof liquid eyeliner - review and swatches

eyeliners are such must haves . be it in the form of kajals , pencils , liquid or whatever , we Indian girls are obsessed with defining our eyes. admit it gals!
lakme, maybelline we give our love to all those liners but somehow this little gem from colorbar hasn't been making waves much . i have had this for about 6 months now and i m totally loving it !
read on to find out more about it ........
price :- 250 inr but i had got it before the price hike and from an online site so i had gotten it for about 180 inr
net quantity :- 2.5 ml
so the cost to wt ratio comes at about 100 which is okay .

what the company says,
The Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner is long-lasting and does not smudge, crack, flake or peel. With its high definition flexible felt tip applicator, one stroke is enough to define a fine or thick line. Fast drying, Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner is suitable for sensitive eyes and those who wear contact lenses too!

my experience:-
i got this about six months ago when i was bored with using my current liners . so let me admit this was an random unintended purchase but i don't regret it at all . i am more of a liquid or gel eyeliner gal than a pencil eyeliner gal .i do not enjoy pencil eyeliners for the following reasons.
  • they do not go on as smoothly
  • they are not as intense
  • they smudge
  • and the worst part, they tug at times which is a strict no-no if you have sensitive eyes

i love my eyeliners mostly matte finish . but this shiny one won me over. a funny thing about this is that it appears totally matte in the swatches . however, it turns a bit shiny when applied to the eye.maybe its just my lids . i really  but the shine isn't leather finish like lakme eye artist . just enough shine to make your eyes look healthy and pop.

the applicator has a felt tip wand just like my vov liquid eyeliner .a long handle that is easy to hold annnnd an incredibly stiff felt tip brush. by stiff i mean really stiff. so stiff that i hurts at times if you hold to too firm . but an advantage to it is that it is easy peasy for beginners to use. since the wand isn't floppy, the liner doesn't end up all over your lids .

notice the shine-thinner line
as you can see in the images its not as i intense as i would like it to be. i have to go over the line many times to get the desired intensity. this however at times , ruins the lines. the drying time is decent, about 30 seconds or so. just an observation is that if you make a thicker line , it dries very slowly.if you have hooded or mono lid eyes this is a real problem . it tends to smear on the top lid and spoils the eye makeup.i learnt it the hard way when i applied it to my mum and she has hooded,wrinkled eyes. all the beautiful makeup that i had so painstakingly done got spoilt. :(

the shine is more obvious in flash- thicker wing

i took images in various angles to show intensity and the finish- thicker wing

it turns kinda matte on eyeshadows. however , if you are using it on a pigment it kinda picks up colour from the pigment  and turns that coloured. i mean i was wearing a copper pigment at a family function and many people asked me where did i get my bronze eyeliner . i was like "uhhhhh! bronze! i m toh wearing black ! "

on bare skin and over shadows

with flash

water sprinkled
staying power is pretty decent . i usually apply it in the morning before i leave for the college . it is there till afternoon and by evening, its barely hanging. a part of the original line is there and the rest has morphed into soft, smoky definition.if you are not a smudge-and-rub baby like me , it will surely last.

rubbed lightly
a claim that the company makes is totally false. this liner is not water proof. its just mildly water resistant. this may not be a good thing if you live in rainy or humid climate. i am kinda fine with it.its does not flake off, peel or hurt your eyes like maybelline ultra liner. it removes off easily with some soap and water.

do i like it:- yes
will i repurchase it :- no. i m still on the lookout for my HG liner.
will i recommend it :- yes surely. to someone who doesn't wear liners for a long span of time and particularly to newbies.
rating:- 3/5 . -1 for not being waterproof and -1 for not mentioning ingredient list neither on the packaging or on the site!

have you found your hg liner? what is it ? let me know in the comment below !

love , 

p.s:- i guess i won the oasap giveway . i might be getting dress H50 . has anyone else won it? i m so confused.

  disclaimer :-
all the products mentioned above are purchased by me . i have never received money in return of a glowing review . my loyalty lies to my readers . this is a p.r friendly blog .
i can be contacted on for any queries and information .

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