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whos behind the beautiful desaster !

welcome to by beaute desastre.
being an inexpensive beauty fiend in such an expensive world can be difficult so i am here to help you guys out !
Indian ethnicity , classic Indian features with a dash of global appeal.
i am an overgrown teen. i have crossed my teens but my mind doesn't believe that.
i love food, makeup , music and reading ... all in an random order .
so if you got your eggs in any of these baskets, do hang around with me and follow.

for all of those who wish to know ...
i have a medium complexion with strong yellow undertones, ultra oily t-zone and excessively dry cheeks almost to the extent that i have dry patches with painful redness. and yes from the above statement you can understand that my skin is as confused as me and no i haven't found hg products yet ,except maybe for cetaphil cleanser and retin a ( anyone with acne will know what a panacea retin a is).
 i suffer from intermediate facial acne and extensive body acne.haven't found a permanent solution for that yet.

and yes, i blather a lot. love to do so. i try to keep myself in check most the times so that it doesn't get too boring and off the topic.


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  1. Hello liked ur page just want to recommend a page to u for ur skin solutions it's acne mantra it's a life saver for problematic skin thank u


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