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Friday, July 6, 2012

d.i.y - body mist for body acne

i begin again with a confession . i suffer from acne not just face but even on my body . my whole back and some part of my chest and upper arms near my shoulder . its very embarrassing just to tell you guys . you can imagine my horror if living day in and day out through it. i cant wear any clothes of my choice lest people see those horrible scars and make fun of me :(  i also avoid social gatherings as much as i can to prevent being noticed . my face is in a much better position than my body though .
if you need more inspiration on living through acne please check out cassandra bankson aka diamondsandheels14's channel on youtube. she is my living inspiration on battling and surviving acne. i have tried many remedies so far to make my acne vanish but not with fulfilling results . its easier to work on your face since its accessible and hence that explains the better condition of my face but my back ? omg  that's my bugbear. since i cant reach it , i cant heal it .
so i being the wisecrack i m i came up with this spray format idea. the measurements etc were taken from site on the interwebz and modified according my requirements .


  • distilled water
  • green tea leaves
  • rose water
  • tea tree oil
  • fresh tulsi leaves
  • spray bottle to hold the mist ( any old bottle will do . just make sure to clean it with warm water and disinfectant soap and let dry for min. 24 hrs)
that's it . all of 6 things needed to make my anti acne life saviour

1. take some 7 to 8 fresh tulsi leaves and tear them up very finely. most preferably the smaller ones.
collect the leaves at the last moment and prevent them from getting black.

2.boil the distilled water till continuous bubble arise about 50 ml . add this steaming water to the tulsi leaves. add green tea leaves 2 tbsp. you can use powder also . but since i had the leaves on hand i just crushed them roughly and added to the hot tulsi water.

4.cover the solution and leave it overnight, occasionally checking the progress . this will help all the essential oils from the tulsi and the green tea to mix with the water

5.this is how it looks after 5 hrs.

6.this is how it looks the next morning. add 5 to 6 drops tea tree oil(aroma shop tea tree oil) at  this stage and add rosewater ( dabur gulabari) 20 ml to make up the required volume.

7.filter this solution through a clean muslin cloth and fill it in the spray bottle prepared. i used my old basiltone bottle. and your mist is ready to use.

i have used this for over two months now . hence, i  am i a good position to comment on its efficiency.
it has managed to clear my acne to a certain extent. due to the spray format i can easily reach those previously inaccessible areas and treat them too. it has managed to prevent outbreak of new breakouts while healing the existing ones . if i muster enough guts some day i might post a pic. but i don't see that happening in the near future.

  • preferably do not use metallic instruments in preparing the mist. it may react with the formulation , altering it and reducing its efficiency.
  • use ceramic, plastic or such instruments as shown in the pictures above.
  • refrigerate the bottle and it will last upto 3 mths.
  • shake well before use to emulsify the essential oil and water based components.

before using any skin care product be sure to consult your dermatologist or your gp . user's discretion advised .since the product  worked on some one's skin it may not mean that it might work on other skins too.

do try it out. let me know if you also suffer from acne and what do you do for it in the comments below.

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disclaimer :-
all the products mentioned above are purchased by me . i have never received money in return of a glowing review . my loyalty lies to my readers . this is a p.r friendly blog .
i can be contacted on for any queries and information .


  1. Such an useful DIY! :) Thanks a ton! I used to suffer from backne before, now I don't! *Touchwood* Try using medicated soaps like Acnelak, helped me :)
    Namita <3

    1. sadly i used acnil and it dried my skin so bad that i scratched it and ended up bursting the breakouts in the process!
      will try acnelak! :)


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