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Sunday, July 15, 2012

dark cave wonders - emerald and bronze e.o.t.d

hola mi chikitas,
back with a bang with a broken left hand. got my hand crushed in the collapsible gate of my lift.
a bad situation if you ask me . and i really will make it up for it.
so if you have seen the pics below you may notice that the eyes look different than they do here.
so they are my darling sweet sis's. she is a trained bharat natyam dancer and often does shows and the lot. so who's the makeup artist  "ME".
the pictures look wonky and with pathetic lighting because my dorkus refused to stay still and kept complaining that the flash was blinding her. also due to hurry some of the steps in between are missing. taking pics in a poorly lit green room is so pathetic. i do not intend the below post to be an instructional e.o.t.d but more of as an idea post.

she was wearing a beautiful black outfit with a green pallu and bronzy accents to it . so i decided to make it as the main colours . somehow the whole theme reminded me of an underground cave with jewels in it.

since my sis was going to be on stage for a long time . the makeup needed to stay put. i applied some concealer and set it with loose powder.

next i used l'oreal infallible eyeshadow in endless chocolat to intensify the colours as well as add to the longevity

i patted on a medium brown from midnight lustre trio by avon featured here all over the lid to help in blending the eyeshadows i added next.

i next added the black from the same palette to the outer v and blended what was left on the brush along the crease to give the eyes some definition.

AND this where the steps go missing . i added a dark green from my faces palette all over the lid . then i chose a lighter green and placed in the inner 1/3 rd of the eye . i took avon glimmerstick precision powder eyeshadow in dune and placed it smack in the inner corner . 

i lined the upper lashline with avon glimmersticks eyeliner in bronze glow and the lower lashline with lotus hypnotica kajal.

i curled her lashes next and applied tons of faces lengthening mascara..


enjoy the pics ahead.

for the face i used faces rose gold blush and the lips were nude with colorbar velvet matte bare topped with a clear gloss.

hope you all like it !

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