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Thursday, July 5, 2012

see what i got in my mail today!

today is my happy day!
i am dancing, dancing, dancing!
i got my meylon 28 shade eyeshadow palette that i got from the very sweet erica of beautyholic- the beauty store! i was waiting for it so long ! blazeflash guys really suck a getting stuff on time to me! second time let down !

so mi chickitas join me in the unveiling!

it came all properly packed with my address and fragile written in BOLD letters ( *more on that later )

inside was a tape wrapped package. the sticky tape proved to be a bitch to remove but i surmounted it ! yayyy

inside was a cloth-paper hybrid green baggie

some more tape and white plastic bag wrapping

another hybrid blue baggie this time smaller than the green one

finally my shiny, silver with gold print palette cover

my poor palette ! a beautiful turquiose got shattered in the shipping :( 
*bad blazeflash guys.
as soon as i opened the palette a cloud of turquoise dust blew allover from the broken shadow .
what a tough time cleaning it up!

all the mess generated 

this is my first pro palette ever !
expect many more looks from it.
swatches , review coming soon !

stay tuned

love, vj

all the products were bought by me with my own money


  1. i get so upset when eyeshadows come broken :(

  2. Oooh.The palette looks good to me. :) WIll wait for some EOTDs ;)

  3. Thou it was not packed n sent by me but my person in delhi but seems she has done a fab job of packaging.. Thou i hate the courier guys as much as u do.. vijayta! thank god i switched to SPEED POST.. things reach safe n just in 2-3days now. M srry abt ur 1 e/s. Will make sure u have no future complaints.

    Thanks a ton for shopping with us!

    Hope u loved the palette

    Love n luck
    Ric :)

    1. looking forward to shopping more from you ric! your store is in my most recommended list these days!:)

  4. the palette is very pretty..i also have it!!!!
    sad...that one shade broke... :(
    check my review here:

    1. i cant even press the shade back ! coz theres none left. but i m loving it . no complaints


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