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Sunday, July 8, 2012

goodies from europe!

a friend of mine was in Europe recently and offered to buy some goodies for . since the friend is a non makeup junkie it would have been stupid to send a list and then get the wrong products and get disappointed :( . so i said grab whatever catches your eye and you think i will like ! i must say i am impressed with the collection put up except may be the nail thingies ( coz i m a klutz .... cant even paint my nails straight ). most of this stuff is by h and m and Yves Rocher!

so lets get on with it
the haul

a closer look

lets see the stuff i got
  1. h & m french manicure kit

what do you give to a nail biting , nail art messing noob ? a french manicure kit, hoping that the noobiness and nail biting would stop. jokes apart , this is the first time ever i have owned a french manicure kit. this is also the first time i have ever owned a proper base coat and top coat . guess there is a first time for everything , huh ? may be it will help me mend my ways , hehehehe :D

 2. Yves Rocher vernis brilliance nail lacquer

the lilac one is R201 and the maroon is R101

the lilac is a perfect pastel for my fingers and lilac happens to be my favourite colour to wear on nails too . its got some blue iridescence . so pretty ! the maroon is a very deep murky red almost bordering on brown .this is such a staple pedicure shade. such dark , vampy colours make my feet look fair and sexy .... tehheeehee

3.yves rocher couleurs nature lip pencil 

the shades are 02 mauve and 07 bois de rose ! aha the french , they name stuff so sweet. only if it was pronounceable too ! a basic mauve and nude lip liner . you cant have too many of them . always needed , must haves !

4. h & m eyeshadow brush and smokey eye brush 

the eyeshadow brush is a basic brush for packing on eyeshadow . it so dense and soft that it can be used for blending too . 

the smokey eye brush is kinda interesting. its dual sided . one end has an angled liner brush and the other end has a dense, small smudge or accent brush of sorts . i need to play around with these brushes more to comment on them . just one thing, they are addictively soft!

5. h & m makeup sponge 

i don't know what thought process provoked this purchase ? but i m thankful as always . i can tell one thing for now is that they are far more superior quality than the Indian ones i have used in the past.

6. h & m shimmer lip balm

its a transclusent lip balm with lots of silver shimmer in it . its not gritty though . since it washes me out , i m planning to use it more as a cheek and brow bone highlighter!

and finally my favorite thing in the haul 
7. h & m eyeshadow palette 32 shades 

i love this . i have palettes with shimmery shades in them . this is my first palette with matte shades . and the best part the colour range is so varied . between this palette and my meylon palette and my kiss beauty shimmery palette i am a happy camper XD!

hope you guys enjoyed my haul!
let me know what would you like me to review in the comments below!

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disclaimer :- all the products mentioned above have been gifted to me :)


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