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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

AVON onyx luster tri-eyeshadow in midnight luster

i can see the season coming,
of all things shiny and sparkly!
i can see the season coming,
of all things bright and merry !
i can see the season coming,
of the beautiful DIWALI!

OK OK OK  no one looks cross-eyed at me . not my fault . i just love this festival so much that i could post even a video of me doing an impromptu jig(which would scare away the very few readers i have ) . the poetry itself is pathetic , i realise that . kiddie poetry not my thing . adult poetry totally my thing. so the video would have been overkill .
i digress ( so predictable of me ). Diwali means parties , meeting people and all the showsha we Indians are well known for .it also means dressing up . dressing up bright , bold and blingy (oooo i just alliterated ... hehe grammar freak ). not everyone likes blingy so for those who dont let me present to u a product that's shimmery enough but still classy for elegant and charismatic eyes for the festival season .

AVON onyx luster tri-eyeshadow in midnight luster

price:-  399/- inr but since i purchased it a while back it set me back by 299/- that is almost 100/- inr for each shadow.
net weight:- 2.8 g or 0.10oz
expiry date:- 30 months from manufacturing date .

Black goes luminous with a pearly glow. Shine the light on your dark side. Silky smooth powder. Stay-true color. Mirror compact with built-in drawer for applicator.

it comes in a sleek black rectangular black box with a shiny finish. it has two compartments- the one you see on opening holds the 3 shadows closely packed together without any individual pans.the lower compartment is almost hidden and slides out . it holds two sponge tipped applicators but i have lost one of them . the lid also has a clear , good but small mirror  the lid closes with a snap and overall the packaging is sturdy. the box does have a tendency to hold fingerprints and gets scratches easily if you are too clumsy ( like me ;-p) as you can see from the pictures.the applicators are good for applying shadows to the inner corners and on the lower lashline.

natural lighting

the trio consists of a nude peach shade with a golden sheen to it , a basic black with some teeny tiny glitter particles and an almost matte brown.none of the shades have any names or descriptions even on the site so please bear with me as i try ( struggle) to explain the shades.

with flash
  1. the first shade is a beautiful peachy shimmery nude shade . i can see this shade working on a wide range of complexions and different undertones without looking orange-y.its a perfect all over the lid goes on a bit sheer but can be built upto desired intensity without going patchy and streaky. its one of those shades that you just put on your lids , throw some eyeliner and mascara on and you are done ! TA-DAH . as easy as that . no more squirmy people egging you to get ready soon. it also is the perfect base shade for my medium dark skin tone to put other eyeshadows over without them getting too works perfect as a shimmery browbone and inner corner highlight for darker , warmer skin tones. with a sparing hand/applicator/brush even lighter skin toned people can make it work . i am all for shimmery highlighters during this season.
  2. the second shade is a matte black with some Lil silver glitter . the glitter doesn't get picked up by the brush hence doesn't even get translated onto the eyes. so no love lost there. this black means business . its intensely black no grey or brown undertones here. its very pigmented hence can be easily overdone. a light hand is highly recommended. perfect shade to smoke out a look or a as a base or darker eyeshadows for an dark , vampy look. i often use it as a upper lash line liner for a soft , smudged yet elegant effect. since the glitters dont translate onto the eye, i safely use it at my lower waterline to set my kohl there.TIP OF THE DAY:-often with whatever is left on my brush after applying BLACK to the lid , i brush it lightly through my brows ( lightly being the key word here ). it slightly defines my brows without me having to reach for a brow product.
  3. the third shade is a matte chocolate brown with a sheen to it . let just say that this shade is a let down and leave it to that. its dry, stiff, doesn't get picked up brushes, fingers or applicators. when it does you literally have to jab at the pan to get some of the product to loosen up . still it stays stuck there like a petulant child while you leave it there and go find another shade to put through your crease, brows or for contouring.after a million efforts you manage to put it on your eyes and get it show up , it doesn't just want to blend. it either vanishes into thin thin air or just turns muddy, making your overall look go awry .as you can see in the swatches this one is a bad penny. and bad pennies have a way of turning up even though no one wants them.this is like wasting 100 inr of your hard earned, stolen, borrowed etc ( hehehe..) money on a really pathetic product and this affects the rating of the overall trio adversely.

single swipe swatches in order of the trio
the overall staying power of the palette is decent if you ignore the brown ( which is like 1/3rd of the palette). it stays on for 3 to 4 hours before starting to crease slightly on my semi oily lids.if a proper base like a primer or a concealer set with powder is used , it lasts good for around five hours before fading around the edges.
see the pics below to see the trio in action .
apart from the trio i have used l'oreal gel eyeliner in black on upper lashline and lower waterline and faces lengthening mascara.
the peach nude shade is from the upper lash line to the browbone and in the inner corner. the chocolate brown (with difficulty....i doubt you can see it) through the crease. black in the outer corner , blended well and outer 2/3rds of the lower lashline.
with blurred focus and flash to show the shimmery nature of the eyeshadows
i haven't used  a base for the eotd so you can see the true intensity of the shadows.
notice the inner corner highlight? pretty... eh?
no flash - yellow bathroom lighting
DO I LIKE IT:- yes . i do . smooth , blendable easy to work shades for work as well as night out wear.

WILL I REPURCHASE IT:- HELL NO. i cant see 100 inr go down the gutter for a bad eyeshadow . despite the trio having two beautiful easy to work shades i wont buy this trio again. i have enough neutrals to last me a lifetime ( no maybe a year or so.... i ' m so damn sure that i will buy something before this year ends :-D).

WILL I RECOMMEND IT:- yes to beginners who are feeling their way into the world of makeup. and also to those who love quick,easy , neutral looks.

RATING:- 3/5 . ( 1 deducted for the bum shade and the other for being available only through avon representatives and for being slightly overpriced for its quality).

what are your favorite nude, neutral eyeshadows to wear? have your tried this trio or any other eyeshadows by avon?do you like neutrals? let me know what blush and lip colour will you pair with an eyeshadow like this in comments below.

until next time....stay tuned more to come.


p.s:- hows your diwali shopping coming along? i haven't even started mine yet......:(

disclaimer :-
all the products mentioned above are purchased by me . i have never received money in return of a glowing review . my loyalty lies to my readers . this is a p.r friendly blog .
i can be contacted on for any queries and information .


  1. Nice and clear review with awesome pictures. Gonna try this, keep reviewing.

  2. Hey, I am really fond of the images and blogs that you post. Have been regular here for the past few months. Could not stop myself from appreciating. Thank you for the awesome stuff you share


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