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Sunday, October 14, 2012

new box on the horizon - lets take a look at the Vellvette Box

hola mi chikitas,
i know i am so late on the velvette box horizon and all of you must be like meh , i know whats in all boxes etc etc . but please stay with me for a while . after all the sample subscription box debacle , it would be an epiphany to say that i was excited about this one.
i don't wish to bore you guys and lose half the people with the story but anyways , when was i the one who gave up an opportunity to ramble? it happened thus that after all the hoopla with the blisscovered box ( 1st month) , i decided to order it for the next month ( being ever forgetful i cant precisely remember the months).
well ,the box never arrived. and after waiting about three weeks or so , i get a mail . it says why did i not accept the box when it arrived or pay for it. HULLO ! the box never arrived what was i supposed to pay for or accept ! it also kind of reprimanded that i should not do this in the future and they hoped to serve me in the future. hah! i doubt they would ever get a chance to ' serve' me again. and within a month blisscovered folded.
and then the great glossybox debacle! glossybox india will never live that one down , not for the next 100 years at least. some beauty bloggers received a p.r sample box and the whole blogosphere went frothing-at-the-mouth gaga over glossybox. soon people were waiting for the launch and lining up to book there boxes. some bloggers ran giveaways feauturing the box itself. but hardly did they know , that glossybox kind of made a fool of everyone. i won ankita from coralista's giveaway and the box never arrived. it was pathetic on glossybox's part. but i was later informed that i was going to get a jabong voucher worth 2000/- which never came as well :(
so glossybox you cheated us poor girls. *booo*
ritzbox , lushbox never came.

Now, coming to the vellvette box. sorelle grapevine's review of the vellvette box piqued my curiosity. i decided to check out the site and was impressed. since c.o.d was available,i decided to book the box.
nothing would be lost, if it never arrived!

And , arrive it did in a sturdy classy black box ( if you know me , you know my black box obsession well), covered in pretty pink paper. i usually detest all things pink but this was a perfectly , perfect adorable shade of pink.tons and tons of vouchers for full size but they aren't worth much . and i don't plan to buy anything full size soon. *sigh* they are till 31st Oct only so no use to me. the best part , though it took a week to arrive , the customer care was cordial , warm and polite . full points for excellent customer service. some places could take a lesson *ahem ahem*

just one note before anything else- these are my first ever high end products . they may just be samples but they mean the world to me .

finally whats in my box:-
  • clinique lipgloss in fireberry and lipstick in raspberry glace - now this one is the prettiest duo i have ever come across. the mini lipstick reminds me of the samplers avon and oriflame used to handout a few years back . however , it doesn't swivel down completely and the swivel is a bit loose, so you need to be careful with this one. the lipgloss is almost as good as full size with a doe foot applicator. lipgloss full size ( 6.5ml)= 1300/- inr ; lipstick full size(4 g )=1300/-
  • L'Occitane pivoine flora shower gel- this lil champ makes my whole shelf smell like a garden of roses. i am allergic to anything rose-y smelling. even dabur gulabari makes me want to upchuck in a rather unappetizing way. however, this doesn't smell synthetic at all. fresh roses, that's it. if i ever save up that much , i will be sure to buy a full size of it. this is a very generous sized sampler btw. full size(250ml)=1095/-inr
  • clarins pure melt cleansing gel- makeup removing oils , facial oils seem to be having their spot in the sunshine it seems. like an oil it is to be applied to dry skin and unlike oil, it is a gel ( obvious in the name isn't it? silly me). imma very curious. but haven't tried it yet. waiting for my skin to calm down from my past flareups. full size(125ml)=1450/- inr
  • the bonus:-Guess seductive- i'm yours - yes guess seductive- i am yours. i m smitten . i m in love with you. so much so that i take you out of your tiny container and sniff you at the oddest times. but i don't spray you for the fear of wasting your precious are mine . my precious ( weird sheldon accent - get the big bang theory joke? no ? sad ) it just smells divine . so my kind of scent. dark,woodsy and musky. perfect combo. not too floral ( i know i must stop now , too bad at describing fragrances.) full size (30ml;50ml;75ml)=1790;2490;2990 inr
if you count the lipstick and lipgloss separate i have received 5 products instead of the three promised. ME LIKEY! totally worth the 399/- inr.these are just my first views. detailed reviews may come later. so far i am really happy with my box. the velvette box has managed to sweeten the bitter taste left by other boxes. i very saddened to hear that the October bookings are full . so i am pitching out for the Nov box. money well spent .

have you tried sample subscription boxes before? whats your take on them ? do like them? do you loathe them?

let me know in the comments below!!

much love,

p.s:- i just read a post by blisscovered on their fb page saying they are back from their hiatus. some accessory stuff blah blah and they will be starting the sample subscription again . any takers?

p.p.s:- i have a got a big new coming up .  stay tuned!!!!!!!!!

disclaimer:-i did not receive any voucher etc to shop. all the above products have been bought by my own hard earned money .my loyalty lies to my readers i have nothing to disclose.thank you very much.


  1. Nice one, i think they are giving that Clinique lipgloss in most of the boxes.
    I am waiting for mine!

    1. and the clinique mascara as well! I kind of wanted it. But this one makes me happy as well. :)

  2. Wow, not bad! I might have to sign up and try this. I saw the Blisscovered post on Facebook as well, but I really didn't like their selection when they sent them out earlier this year, and I don't think I'd be very interested in the accessories - I want to wait a bit longer until more brands come to India and they can offer better variety!

    1. i dont want another box of disappointments ! i m just going to wait and watch this time !!!!!
      and na accessories arent my cup of tea !
      i will pass, thank you very much!

  3. After the blisscovered debacle, I wanted to stay away from these things...but ur post has got me tempted to try out the nov box. Nice post :)

  4. I am one of more dissapointed customer of I had placed an online order of a pair of shoes and dress. I got this order timely and was impressed with their services but after unwrapping my order I was shocked to see the packet. That was containing both of the products but the shoes were not like I had seen on their site. When I called at customer care they told me to replace that pair of shoes. But still no one came from their after calling them thrice in a week.
    I have filed an complaint against them on their site as well as at Consumer Court site but so far no action has been taken on this case. Please help find me the relevant solution or just be aware while online shopping.


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