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Thursday, May 24, 2012

kryolan blusher - shade T1

hey i am back with review .
everyone get excited ......... its the famous, wonderful and elusive German  brand KRYOLAN!
this is the blush featured in my haul here
this came as a requested review from bidisha of glisteningkaleidoscopiceyes and deeptima of beautyunleashedwithdeeptima.

a lil bit bout the brand :-
For over sixty years now Kryolan has made its presence felt on stage, film, TV, and media with its professional make-up formulations in countries around the world - and is now in India.

Quality - the cornerstone of success

Quality at each step - from development to sourcing to production - is the key to Kryolan's success over decades. Chemists and microbiologists in the Kryolan lab, supported by prominent dermatologists have ensured the quality of Kryolan preparations.

The same commitment to deliver quality matching international standards is the watchword for the Indian operations.

Kryolan's Product line-up
From Foundations and Cream make-up, through setting powders and sprays, eye and lip make-up, Kryolan offers products for every application - including body painting - the latest fad.


and as alot of you may know KRYOLAN has severe availability issues .
its available only in select cities such as

  • delhi

Kryolan City New Delhi
A-7, Lajpat Nagar II
New Delhi 110024
Phone:+91 11/41091474

  • mumbai
Kryolan City Mumbai
Shop No. 2
Silver Pearl Building
Water Field Road
Bandra (W)
India Phone:+91 22/9819171010 
  • chennai

Kryolan City Chennai
Ramee Mall
Ground Floor, Shop No-3
365, Annasalai
Chennai - 18
Mon-Sun. 10am-10pm
Phone:+91 44/42037789

so you all can obviously imagine my excitement when i found this blushing beauty at beauty palace , Crawford market , cst , Mumbai. and as the s.a swatched this on my hand , i was sold !

kryolan blusher in t1
  •  now enough bak bak. here comes the review.
  • cost- 350 inr . since beauty palace is discounted . i got it for 315 inr .... woohoooo!
  • net weight- 2.5 g ie 0.11 oz
  • made in Germany

what they claim :- ( from the KRYOLAN  website ):-
KRYOLAN Blusher is a color-intensive compact rouge on a cream-powder base. 

This fine, micronized product assures a pleasant velvety feeling on the skin. The extraordinary selection of more than 32 different colors satisfies all expectations.

ingrediant list:-

kryolan blusher in t1


my thoughts about it :-
i lovvvvvvvvvveeeee the shade . i cant stop gushing about it . after i brought it home i stared at its beauty for a while totally mesmerized.
it has a classic silver plastic compact with a transparent lid. it's sturdy enough to be thrown in your bag and carried but not sturdy enough to withstand a fall . it doesn't  have a mirror or an applicator so not useful for touch-ups on the go .
its a beautiful warm pinky peachy coral shade that will suit almost all skin tones . perfect for summers.
however, ladies with fairer skin tones might need to use it with a lighter hand as they are massively pigmented.
its a very finely milled powder that is not so densely packed together. so it can stir up quite some fallout .

kryolan blusher in t1

kryolan blusher in t1

kryolan blusher in t1

kryolan blusher in t1

kryolan blusher in t1
in the above swatches - the left side is of single swipe and the right side is blended

kryolan blusher in t1

kryolan blusher in t1
after taking the pictures i decided to wash my hands and get to work. And the blush stayed was totally ans "omg-i-cant-f*****g-believe-it" moment for me.
since its my second powder blush i cant really compare it to anything . its staying power is much more better than my faces blush in rose gold .on my super oily in summer skin it stays well upto 7 - 8 hrs when properly set over foundation and compact .
lets come to the crux of it all.

  • beautiful ,true to the pan colour
  • large number of shades available to suit all skin tones
  • decent staying power
  • quite decent quantity
  • finely milled
  • not an horror to blend
  • can suit people with both warm and cool undertones without looking too pink or too orange
  • not an oompa loompa or an i m a clown shade ( why did i even type that .... guess i am mesmerized ....stares some more at the blush while salivating at the mouth )
  • not an exorbitant price .. even a broke student like me could afford
  • it is can be used-by-a-makeup-noob-like-me-easy to use.
  • availability
  • the dust cloud it creates on swirling a brush through it
i wont count the lack of mirror and applicator as a con . we anyway throw out the applicators and we don't apply blush in  a taxi or train ( usually....hehehe)

one point reduced for availability and fall out.

yesss, yessss, yessss. grab one anyway u can readers ! 

so what are your favourite blush shades ? have you tried the brand kryolan before?
let me know in the comments below.
follow, share and comment!
much love,

p.s:- i have a fotd comig up with this blush in it . are you excited ? i sure am . 

disclaimer :- all the products feautured in this  post were bought by me by my own money . i have never received money in exchange of a review . my loyalty is to my readers only . 

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Aroma Magic Glow face pack review

hello guys ,
i am back with  review !
this time its the Glow face pack from aroma magic by Blossom Kochhar.
come summers dont we all beauties need a bit G_L_O_W (said the way Kareena Kapoor says it ins the boroplus sunscreen ad GLOW...hehhe) . Aroma Magic has been making quite a few waves here in the blogosphere.
you must have seen it in my haul post here.
as i mentioned there , i had bought this for my mum and me . however , sadly i could not use it as my skin is going througha very sensitive , acne prone and allergic phase due to the summers . so this review is going to be from my mum's perspective.
so lets get on with it ................
COST:- RS. 215 /-
NET WT:- 35g
ie 6.14 rs per g 
use before 2 yrs from manufacturing.

what does the company claim:-
An instant face lifting and firming treatment that helps sagging and ageing skin.Regular use gives the skin lasting firmness and resilience.Also removes lines,wrinkles,blemishes and improves skin colour and texture . leaves your face looking years younger

directions for use :-
mix a tsp of pack with aroma magic fairy lotion or with aroma magic skin toner( upcoming review) to make a paste. apply evenly on face and neck and around the eyes ( oh really........ i guess i was told not to put any face pack near my eye contour). allow it to dry and rinse after 20 mins ! 

Active Ingredients:-
 Natural herbs ( which ones..o_0), Aloe Vera, Manjistha,Bach,Manjuphal,Orange peel and Mineral clays ( again the same question.... which ones o_0)

my thoughts(also my mum's):-
let me admit, i bought this on a whim . i thought it might work for my skin as well . sadly, my 19 yr old oily, allergic skin doesn't like it and care for it much .however, my 47yr old mother experienced dramatically different results.
it comes in a usual white and red aroma magic tub and comes in the form of a brown powder ,as you can see above, packed in individual packets . you get 7 such packets .it doesn't have any noticeable fragrance except a particularly herby one unless you stick your nose in it .
how i use it:-
i mixed approx 1 tsp i.e half a single packet with  a table spoon of curd(home made ) . lactic acid in the curd help in removal of dead skin cell, cell renewal and prevent microbial activity by altering the ph on the skin ( source : me ..... it pays studying biology you know :D).
its quite an airy powder ( if you get what i m saying ...... please say yes ). so the quantity is enogh for whole  face and neck. it forms a paste as shown below .

i put it on my mum's face and left it on till it got semi dry and washed it with warm water ( she did the washing part).

it turns into a granulated paste on application , has kind of coarse particles in it. may be good or bad depending on your skin , mild or heavy exfoliation !

what me mumsy thinks about it( she's going to probably muder me for clling her mumsy):-
she said that her skin felt soft( it indeed did). exfoliation was kinda k . she did feel a tightening effect when the pack was on . however , after 2 hrs it vanished . the GLOW stayed on for about a day or so. we need to try it on a bit more for the long term effects to be visible. she finds the price exorbitant though .she scolded me abit for wasting money on unwanted and useless products and stated that her besan and multani mitti masks are the best ( more on that at a later date) . you know the general tendency of mums .

now the crux of it 

  1. gives a temporary glow.
  2. is herbal .
  3. doesn't have a strong herbal scent despite being an aroma magic product 
  4. skin feels tighter after use.
  5. cheaper than several other anti ageing face masks in the market.
  6. easily available either at cosmetic stores or even online .
  7. provides exfoliation .
  8. reduces redness and plumps skin temporarily
  1. no long terms effects
  2. full ingredient list not mentioned( that's the thing i hate about several herbal brands)
  3. might be costly for some
  4. availability might be a issue
  5. may cause allergic reactions ( undisclosed complete ingredient list)
  6. tingles a bit
  7. doesn't do everything it claims .
3 ON 5......... an average meh kinda product.

i would not personally recommend it . there are several better products available in the market . i wont surely buy it again . 

before using any skin care product be sure to consult your dermatologist or your gp . user's discretion advised .since the product  worked on someone's skin it may not mean that it might work on other skins too.

until the next time.
buh- bye ,
take care 
much love,
let me know what face masks you like in the comments below or mail me on i would love to talk to you <3
please comment , rate and follow.

disclaimer :-
all the products mentioned above are purchased by me . i have never received money in return of a glowing review . my loyalty lies to my readers . this is a p.r friendly blog .
i can be contacted on for any queries and information .

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

my teeny tiny birthday haul!!!!!!!!

so today was my birthday and with my darling friend and fellow bb gal bhumika sajnani , i went shoppingggggggg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
we went to Crawford market at c.s.t , Mumbai to two very special places called beauty centre and beauty palace.
best thing about them all makeup and skincare brands under the sun- local and international are available here.
so read on to know what i shopped ( i know  i am bragging i will shut up )
enjoy the pics

my whole haul

divo paddle bush
i needed a new hair brush badly and a paddle brush was my choice . i bought the one from divo as i had heard good things about it . plus the s.a praised it.

aroma magic glow face pack and skin toner
running out of toner is a bad thing for oily skinned girls especially in the summers. so i got this one as an impulse buy. the glow face pack is supposed to have lifting and anti blemish properties so its for both, mum and me.

kryolan blush in shade t1

guess what i found? i found KRYOLAN at beauty palace .this is a fantastic peachy coral blush suitable for a myriad tones from the brand that makes inexpensive , excellent quality makeup better than several high end brands

richfeel under gel
this one's for mom. she has been using it for years and loves it . i find it comparable to aroma magic under eye gel

maybelline color bloom lipbalm in peach bloom and clearglow all in one compact
i love the colorbloom lipbalms by maybelline. they are fun and give a cute tint . i had the pink bloom so decided to try this one. 
maybelline whitestay uv compact is a cult favorite . i love it too. clearglow has been making waves and the s.a told me that this can be used both wet and dry. plus the price too wasn't a bummer.

Aroma Shop pure tea tree oil
i recently read about the benefits of tea tree oil and as i was passing through the aisles this cute apothecary style display of essential oils caught my eye . i couldn't resist and bought this.

cool and cool refreshing wipes
hot summers and wet wipes .... indispensable

l'oreal infallible mono eyeshadow in endless chocolate

l'oreal infallible mono eyeshadow in endless chocolate
i have been lemming these since they released. endless chocolate seemed like a nice shade to try out the range. i will soon be buying more !!! *evil maniac laughter*

l'oreal hydrafresh anti shine icy gel + gel foam
after checking out icy gel in a favorites video by bubzbeauty , i was intrigued. when this released in india , i was ecstatic. plus adding to my happiness , i got the gel foam cleanser freeeee! don't we all love free stuff !

hope you all like my haul .let me know what would you like me to review first !
comment and follow!!!!!!!!
leave a link to your blog in the comments and i will follow you back <3

love ,

disclaimer :- all the products shown in this post were bought by me (sadly). i have never received money in exchange of a review. my loyalty is to my readers only!

p.s:- this is a P.R friendly blog. for any information contact me on

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