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Sunday, October 7, 2012

see what i got in the mail - urban touch haul!

hello beauties,
something made my weekend ! i know the title is such a dead give away. this black box can make any gal happy.
 so i recently got my semester results and since i had scored good ( obviously better than my or my parent's expectations ) my mother decided to give me a small "baksheesh" . i was flying in the sky since it was sans any conditions which indicated i could shop to my hearts content . a big hurray to moms ! 
given my schedule , i couldn't go out of my hometown to shop. i live in a very "townsy" sort of a place. so buying my beloved makeup here is a big no no. i headed to one of my favourite online shopping sites "URBAN TOUCH" .

guess whats in the box !
i have shopped from there before and always have had fantastic service.
a few glitches here and there easily smoothed over by excellent, responsible and prompt customer service.
i agree its expensive and the offers or discounts are less compared to other sites but the black box packaging is versatile and tempting!

peek a boo


(from left to right)
  • basicare powder brush:- i actually needed a blush brush . but being the butterfingered me i chose the powder brush instead . i realised this when the invoice mail came. thought it was too late and what the heck, this brush is perfect for applying blush to my chubby cheeks ! 
  • faces long wear pencil in forest green:- getting seriously addicted to these  Faces pencils. after navy i decided to try a different shade . after seeing a few reviews online , i set my sights on this. this is a perfect shade for pop of colour for college.
  • nyx mega shine lipgloss in french kiss:-  me, a lipstick gal, was brought down to her knees by the power of the fabled NYX megashine lip glosses. its perfect as centre-of-the-lip colour to bring some dimension to the lips and as the name says " mega shiny".
  • nyx powder bronzer in days of maui:- with my ulta bronzer broken, i was in search of a new budget bronzer. this is the only product i haven't tested yet , so will get back to you soon about it :)
  • lakme perfect radiance intense whitening night cream- this has replaced my hg l'oreal pearl perfect. lovvvvveeeee it ! it is a miracle in a jar. if you want to know more do let me know in he comments below. 
  • loreal superliner 24H gel eyeliner in black:- it has received the highest rating as the best drugstore eyeliner on various blogs. its a perfect addition to my a.m college makeup routine.
hope you enjoyed my haul!
see you soon.

disclaimer:-i did not receive any voucher etc to shop. all the above products have been bought by my own hard earned money .my loyalty lies to my customers. i have nothing to disclose.


  1. wow....... great haulllll............ loved it.... tell me hows the bronze powder...

  2. WOW WOW!!!
    AWesome haul vijayta... Reviews!!!! please :)
    and I loved the first two paragraphs.. loved the way you explained your love for the black box.


    1. the most loved black box ever!
      reviews coming up :)

  3. i have the basicare powder brush, the retractable one and it is good...

    1. i liked this brush a lot ! i m planning to try more brushes from their range :)
      thanks for stopping by

  4. yes yes.. i would like to get more review on lakme' night radiance cream ..

  5. Very nice haul!!!
    I love faces eye pencils too!!

    1. faces eye pencils are turning into an addiction! :P

  6. Even My Fav Online shop is Urbantouch... :)
    Nice Haul...


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