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Saturday, June 23, 2012

blue storm - edgy smokey blue party/drag eye in 10 steps

hello my ravishing divas !
lots of love from a sick shitball ( thats what i m feeling like right now).
changing weather you see....
so what do you do when your sick at home with a cold ..... you do an eotd........yayyyyyyyyyyyyyy
now before i begin ,i would like to clarify a few things..
  • the pics are bad. i took them with my cell phome amd that too with a flash. the colours absolutely refused to show up otherwise.
  • the brows are a jungle. my local parlour lady is out of town and i refuse to get them done rom someone else . i have had scary experiences in the past.
  • i m looking worse dark circles and all. sorry no fotd this time. at least till my blocked nose clears up.
so that's it .
pics are crap, my brows are crap and since its my first attempt at a photo eye tutorial , it might be crap too.
so kindly bear with me .

lets start

1. prime your lids

i used concealer and patted it on the upper and lower lids with my finger. then i set it with a pressed powder. i put a tape on the outer corner of my eye to get a precise shape. 

2.put a black liner on the upper lid

draw a desired shape and fill it in with a black pencil eyeliner. you can use a black cream eyeshadow or even a gel eyeliner for this and blend it out evenly so that no gaps remain.

3.pat on a black eyeshadow

next, pat on a black eyeshadow on the shape you created carefully. ensure again that no gaps remain. there will be fall out but we can clear it later .this will set the liner and prevent creasing. it will also add to the intensity and the blending of the colors we put on later.

4.blend the black eyeshadow

blend the black eyeshadow so that no harsh edges remain. this adds to the smokey mysterious feel of the look.

5. pat on a blue eyeshadow

pat on a blue eyeshadow only on the inner two-thirds of the lid . blend the edges of the blue and the black well. do not extend beyond the blended black eyeshadow.

6. add a highlighter shade

add a frosty , lighter blue shade as a highlighter to the brow bone and blend the edges out of the black. add it in the inner corner as a highlight as well.a apply the blue and black eyeshadows blended to the lower lashline.

7. line your eyes and fill in the brows.
fill in the brows with a eyeshadow of suitable shade . liner your upper lashline with a black eye liner of your choice and wing it out slightly at the outer corner.

8. apply blue eyeliner to lower waterline

apply a blue eyeliner pencil to lower waterline for an extra pop of color.

9. apply mascara

curl lashes and apply mascara of choice to top and bottom lashes.

10. clean up 

clean up under the eye and take off the tape. YOU ARE DONE.


  • KISS beauty 12 in 1 eyeshadow and blusher palette
  • faces cosmetics bright eyeshadow palette
  • avon midnight lustre eyeshadow trio

  • oriflame pure colour pressed powder
  • oriflame eyelash curler
  • medical tape
  • faces lengthening mascara
  • colorbar precision liquid eyeliner
  • vega angular blender brush
  • random flat eye shadow brush

  • giordani mineral therapy concealer
  • lotus hypnotica eye kohl
  • (not in pictures) elle 18 eye sparkler in blue blast


hope you like this quick 10 step eotd. 
let me know if you would like reviews of any products mentioned above.
i am open to suggestions for more eotd ideas.
would love to hear your opinions in the comments below.
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 disclaimer :-
all the products mentioned above are purchased by me . i have never received money in return of a glowing review . my loyalty lies to my readers . this is a p.r friendly blog .
i can be contacted on for any queries and information .

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

my cousin's makeover

hey everyone,
some time ago, my cousin came to stay with me for a night out .
shes ankita, age 18 , oily kin medium complexion and a chronic babbler like me .
she hardly wears any makeup , like in almost never .
but she is curious and wanted to try out. she sportingly agreed for this makeover .
thanks a ton sis .

since, it did this sometime ago , i forgot to take pics of the products used and subsequently forgot the products too. *silly me *

hope you like it !


let me know what you think about it in the comments below !
would love to hear some feedback !


Sunday, June 17, 2012

my first fotd ever - feat loreal infallible eyeshadow endless chocolat and kryolan powder blush t1

hello everyone,
i apologize for  the m.i.a state that i was in . my pc broke down.
so i have for you guys first time ever, my well made up mug

njoy the pics,

u can see the blush perfectly here . i dont normally wear my blush so heavy .

the swatches on my hand had stayed on even after a shower 

products used

products used - face 

  • lakme 9 to 5 creme compact shade- marble all over face and neck with provided wet sponge
  • maybelline clearglow compact in 02 nude beige to set the foundation
  • kryolan powder blush in t1 just at the apples of the cheeks ant blended towards the temples . first featured here
  • real techniques contouring brush for applying the blush

products used- lips 

products used- lips 
  • maybelline color sensational lipstick in 265 autumn rush - beautiful pinky brown . i dont know why it doesnt get much love?

products used- eyes
  • loreal infallible mono eyeshadow shade - endless chocolat . first featured here .all over the lid
  • avon precision glimmer eyeshadow in dune for inner corner and brow highlight
  • maybelline eye studio drama gel eyeliner upper lash line
  • faces lengthening mascara top and bottom lashes 
  • oriflame beauty smooth definer in brown lower lashline and waterline for au naturale open eyed effect
  • oriflame beauty eyelash curler
  • real techniques base shadow brush
  • real techniques accent brush
  • real techniques shading brush
  • health and glow eyeliner brush 

hope you like it!
do let me know what you think about it and if you would like me to review any of the above mentioned products,
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 disclaimer :-
all the products mentioned above are purchased by me . i have never received money in return of a glowing review . my loyalty lies to my readers . this is a p.r friendly blog .
i can be contacted on for any queries and information .

Monday, June 11, 2012

purge update- week 1

if you have been following this blog then you might know that i am on a purge of makeup and skincare .'
to know all about what is purge and what do to and if you want to join ....just click the link here.
 so lets get on with it.
this is week one
and the are the products i managed to FINISH.,,,( whew...that was so hard )
jokes apart, it indeed was difficult to stay on track with the products that i had to finish . with so many temptations around i was totally like a magpie . u know shiny stuff attracts the eye . in case , u didn't know what an magpie was ... here is it

and so i blabber !

coming to the topic 


fabindia citrus lemon body wash
love it. i used it all up in the summer months . very refreshing in the morning . kinda zingy too. need body wash suggestions . would love to hear your choices!

Himalaya cleansing milk
everyone knows it . everyone loves it. just a basic cleansing milk. the packaging has changed now . this was an old bottle nearing its expiry date . so had to finish it off. couldn't throw it just ainvayi that would have been just bad (tsk...tsk)

vov liquid eyeliner 
my first ever black liquid eyeliner . not waterproof or resistant . just jet black. it has a felt tip brush and a cute bottle. however, the brush was a bit thick . suitable for thick dramatic looks only . on a daily basis i used a thin art store brush for lining - camel 00 to be precise. and 90 bucks i m cheap and sweet on that baby !

cetaphil cleansing lotion
sorry my bottle looks a bit botched . this is because i keep it in my bathroom . this one needs no introductions at all . no matter what i am keeping backups of it even if i am stuck in Honolulu.

lotus basiltone toner
i was so sad because this one finished . i almost spent half a day mourning . this is the best toner for combination sensitive oily skin and a great face freshener too . i considered using my mum's Himalaya refreshing toner for some time . but , the smell reminded me why i hate it in the first place. thankfully i have got a bottle of aroma magic skin toner for oily skin stashed . will start using it this week .

vaadi anti acne cream
HATE IT. i bought it literally as a joke from urban touch . i mean how can you expect some good anti acne stuff for just 50 inr? it was thick . too fragrant . and just sat on my skin made it burn and gave me breakouts instead of clearing them. i  finally finished it off by using it as a massage cream in my home facial routine . please don't buy this ever , even as a joke .

avon simply pretty whitening pressed powder in natural 

avon simply pretty whitening pressed powder in natural 
cheap and good. almost comparable to maybelline whitestay uv compact . the shade was a bit darker for me and a bit redder too . but it worked well in the time that i was tanned . has spf too. decent product but i wont buy it again .


this bottle looks so much better than the one that i finished .  loveeeee it !

hope u liked this post . if you would like to suggest some changes or just let me know what do u think about the purge , do comment .
have you ever done anything like this ?
i would love to hear about it .

please comment, rate , follow , subscribe . it means the world to me ...


 disclaimer :-
all the products mentioned above are purchased by me . i have never received money in return of a glowing review . my loyalty lies to my readers . this is a p.r friendly blog .
i can be contacted on for any queries and information .
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