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Saturday, June 23, 2012

blue storm - edgy smokey blue party/drag eye in 10 steps

hello my ravishing divas !
lots of love from a sick shitball ( thats what i m feeling like right now).
changing weather you see....
so what do you do when your sick at home with a cold ..... you do an eotd........yayyyyyyyyyyyyyy
now before i begin ,i would like to clarify a few things..
  • the pics are bad. i took them with my cell phome amd that too with a flash. the colours absolutely refused to show up otherwise.
  • the brows are a jungle. my local parlour lady is out of town and i refuse to get them done rom someone else . i have had scary experiences in the past.
  • i m looking worse dark circles and all. sorry no fotd this time. at least till my blocked nose clears up.
so that's it .
pics are crap, my brows are crap and since its my first attempt at a photo eye tutorial , it might be crap too.
so kindly bear with me .

lets start

1. prime your lids

i used concealer and patted it on the upper and lower lids with my finger. then i set it with a pressed powder. i put a tape on the outer corner of my eye to get a precise shape. 

2.put a black liner on the upper lid

draw a desired shape and fill it in with a black pencil eyeliner. you can use a black cream eyeshadow or even a gel eyeliner for this and blend it out evenly so that no gaps remain.

3.pat on a black eyeshadow

next, pat on a black eyeshadow on the shape you created carefully. ensure again that no gaps remain. there will be fall out but we can clear it later .this will set the liner and prevent creasing. it will also add to the intensity and the blending of the colors we put on later.

4.blend the black eyeshadow

blend the black eyeshadow so that no harsh edges remain. this adds to the smokey mysterious feel of the look.

5. pat on a blue eyeshadow

pat on a blue eyeshadow only on the inner two-thirds of the lid . blend the edges of the blue and the black well. do not extend beyond the blended black eyeshadow.

6. add a highlighter shade

add a frosty , lighter blue shade as a highlighter to the brow bone and blend the edges out of the black. add it in the inner corner as a highlight as well.a apply the blue and black eyeshadows blended to the lower lashline.

7. line your eyes and fill in the brows.
fill in the brows with a eyeshadow of suitable shade . liner your upper lashline with a black eye liner of your choice and wing it out slightly at the outer corner.

8. apply blue eyeliner to lower waterline

apply a blue eyeliner pencil to lower waterline for an extra pop of color.

9. apply mascara

curl lashes and apply mascara of choice to top and bottom lashes.

10. clean up 

clean up under the eye and take off the tape. YOU ARE DONE.


  • KISS beauty 12 in 1 eyeshadow and blusher palette
  • faces cosmetics bright eyeshadow palette
  • avon midnight lustre eyeshadow trio

  • oriflame pure colour pressed powder
  • oriflame eyelash curler
  • medical tape
  • faces lengthening mascara
  • colorbar precision liquid eyeliner
  • vega angular blender brush
  • random flat eye shadow brush

  • giordani mineral therapy concealer
  • lotus hypnotica eye kohl
  • (not in pictures) elle 18 eye sparkler in blue blast


hope you like this quick 10 step eotd. 
let me know if you would like reviews of any products mentioned above.
i am open to suggestions for more eotd ideas.
would love to hear your opinions in the comments below.
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 disclaimer :-
all the products mentioned above are purchased by me . i have never received money in return of a glowing review . my loyalty lies to my readers . this is a p.r friendly blog .
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