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Thursday, August 2, 2012

how not to do an n.o.t.d-1.- a twist on a french manicure

hello angels,
got an n.o.t.d for you this time. well if you follow my blog, you may know that i suck at anything hair and i have tried french manicure before and much to my dismay, it didn't resemble anything french or manicure. so when i got the h & m french manicure kit , i decided to try it out. but with a twist

1. remove any previous nailpolish and clean your nails with a nailpolish remover. apply a base coat of your choice to prevent any damage to the nails and prevent the nail colour from chipping or peeling before time.

2. take a dotting tool and place it in the white polish and apply the dots in any particular order you like. i chose them in a slanting line from the right most tips to the left inner corner. you can use any colour for this step.

3. choose a contrasting shade and apply it between the spaces of the white dots for a contrasting effect.

4.applying a top coat to seal your artwork and your done!!!!


  1. ambar nailpolish remover
  2. h & m base coat
  3. eraser to which a pin is attached as a dotting tool
  4. h & m white tip colour
  5. elle 18 nail pops in 02
  6. h & m top coat .
hope you guys like my first attempt at an n.o.t.d. do let me know what you think of it in the comments below. would you like to see more of them? do like doing or getting nail art done? whats the best manicure you have had till date?


some of the above products like the h&m kit and the remover were gifted to me. rest of it i have bought from my own money.  i have never received money in return of a recommendation.


  1. Nice nail art.....

  2. Hey.. you have a nice blog.
    And I have an award for you.
    please accept it here,
    I am your new follower

  3. Cute post...i hv an award waiting fr u here


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