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Thursday, May 23, 2013

lets go graphic with colour for summer feat. maybelline and nyx

hey everyone ,
summers are the perfect time with your look , your hair , your wardrobe and even your makeup. after playing cool and conservative all year long( for some of us ). this is the time to let our hair down and wear whatever we want. and those who wanna judge , go ahead! we don't care a hoot .
so the following look is a result of a magpie ( me ) who loves all things shiny and colourful ( makeup) and had ( once upon a long time ago,  alot of time on her hands.......... aah the great days ). what better way to beat the ennui than try a new technique .... i m sorry but you have to see my boring old mug again :(

so lets start 

1. apply your favourite concealer of choice and primer. what i like to do is , use a concealer and apply powder on top of the upper and lower lid, especially as my oily lids are prone to creasing.

2.tape the sides of your eyes to get a precise shape . place the tape along your lower lash line and upwards , just the way you would do for a cat eyeliner . ensure that both the sides are equal or you will end up with wonky eye makeup and no one wants to look cray cray ! place loose powder underneath the eyes to catch fallout.

tip:- before sticking the tape right to your lids , stick it and remove it from a surface a few times to loosen the glue. this will ensure that the delicate under eye area isn't harmed.

3. roughly draw the shape you want want with a black eyeliner pencil. i was going for a feline eye shape here . it doesn't have to be precise. we can sharpen it later. this will serve as a guideline for what is going to come next.

3. fill in the shape you have created . i chose a black gel eyeliner as it doesnt crease easily and eyeshadows adhere better to gel than pencil eyeliner.

4. wet your brush slightly and dip into pigment or eyeshadow of yoyur cghoce. tap it gently againt the container to avoid fall out . now carefully place it over the areas covered by the black eyeliner . dont cross the shape created and cover all the areas, leaving no gaps. 

5.take a contrasting colour pigment/eyeshadow and using the same wet brush technique place it around the inner and outer corner. using an angled brush makes this much much easier. blend both the colours into each other slightly at the point they meet.

6. finish the look up by removing your tape. applying teeny tiny bit of blue eyeliner on the lower lashline. notyhing too dramatic (yup thats me saying it...) .line your upper lash line with black eyeliner. i went a bit fancy and drew some dots ( thats all i can do ).curl your lashes and apply mascara . to polish up the look a bit do your brows by filling them up and setting them in place . and YOU ARE DONE!!!!!

7. a peachy coral blush and peachy pink lips later you are all set to take over the wrold( or like me cook yourself a bowl of maggi and sit watching reruns of THE BIG BANG THEORY ...yayyyy love my (not so)social life ....).


  1.  oriflame giordani mineral therapy concealer- light
  2. medical tape- the paper kind
  3. maybelline colossal kajal- the ultimate HG ever
  4. maybelline eye studio lasting drama gel eyeliner- black ( another hg )
  5. NYX ultra pearl mania - purple
  6. random copper pigment from an Indian brand called COVERGIRL ( this hasn't got to do anything with the popular US brand CoverGirl) 
  7. lakme absolute shine line liquid eyeliner- is matte . period. dont know why its called shine line .
  8. oriflame eye lash curler.
  9. maybelline colossal hyper curl mascara- the curl and the volume just rock with this one.
  10. faces long wear eyeliner in navy blue (not pictured)
  11. faces brow kit 
  12. vega angular blender brush
  13. real techniques eyeshadow brush.


  1. lakme rose powder- for under the eye to catch fall out.
  2. lakme invisible finish foundation - 02
  3. lakme radiance compact- natural marble. ( both the above products are cheap and dont offer much falsh back )
  4. maybelline dream mousse blush peach satin - along the cheek bones as highlight
  5. oriflame very me tinted moisturizer in light - overall highlighter
  6. kryolan blush - t1
  7. vega foundation and powder brush
  8. basicare blush brush

  1. yves rocher lipliner- bois rose ( a request to all those who know french... please pronounce it for me )
  2. avon simply pretty lipstick in mango mania
  3. clinique long last glosswear - fireberry 

swatches in order of use

hoping ypu like this look. 
let me know in the comments below .


p.s:- who thinks the summers are especially scorching this year ? me..... what are your best ways to just chill ( annoying salman khan song .... and i m still humming it . LORD SAVE ME )

disclaimer :- the above product was bought by me from my own money .  .i have never received compensation in return of glowing reviews. my loyalty lies with my readers. for further details i can be contacted on Thank You very much!

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